Best Xbox Controller Settings for Fortnite (2021)

Do you want to climb high in the battle royale’s ranks? Then you need to get the best Xbox controller settings for Fortnite. With these settings, you’ll be able to discover your enemies faster. It will also improve your overall performance.

Truth be told, the settings interface may seem complicated, especially to a novice, because of the many options available. There are lesser customization options on Xbox than on PC. you should also know that it is impossible to alter the look of Fortnite by adjusting the graphic settings. However, you’ll be able to change how you play by tweaking the controller settings and your interaction with the game.

Best Fortnite Controller Settings on Xbox One

best xbox controller settings for fortnite

After much testing, these are the options to help optimize gameplay on Fortnite. We don’t mean that you must stick to these settings religiously. You can make a few tweaks here and there. With customization comes improvement and better gameplay.

Video Settings

  1. Brightness – 110% (It is normal for your TV and monitor brightness to play a role. Choosing this value gives you a better chance of spotting enemies easily. You need to find the optimal point as you can hurt your eyes with excess brightness).
  2. User Interface Contrast – 1x (Using this setting does not mess with the color balance outside the UI. As a result, you can stick to personal preference.)
  3. Color Blind Mode – Protanope
  4. Color Blind Strength – Six (Normally, these options are based on trial-and-error. They help you spot your enemies faster so you don’t have to be color blind to enable them. Many pros use this setting and it worked for us. This is why we advise you to do the same.)
  5. Safe Zone – Default (Xbox One manually configures the max screen space that Fortnite uses. If it doesn’t, use this setting to adjust it yourself).
  6. Monitor Blur – Off (This doesn’t affect your FPS but it can lead to input lag which causes a huge disadvantage when playing).
  7. Show FPS – On (The frame helps to maintain the default 60 FPS for Fornite on Xbox. You must check on this before you begin playing. You can also use it for a good dusting. Dust impales the performance of your consoles.

Game Settings

  1. Matchmaking Region – Choose the server that has the least ping. (Auto Region is about the best option here because it gives the lease ping.)
  2. Toggle Sprint – Off
  3. Sprint by Default – On (Both configurations help you to sprint as you move. However, when it is time to aim, you’ll move normally. With this, you free the L3 button saving you the stress of holding the button down when you need to sprint.
  4. Sprint Cancels Reloading – Off (Use gun swaps to cancel reloading instead. When you use sprint to cancel reloads, it may cause you to be with an empty magazine against the enemy.
  5. Auto-Open Doors – On (With this setting On, you don’t have to worry about opening doors. That’s one less action to stress yourself about.)
  6. Tap to Interact/Search – On
  7. Hold to Swap Pickup – Off (Activating the “Tap to Search” function and turning this option off reduces the time you need to execute some functions).
  8. Toggle Targeting – Off (This is based on personal preference but leaving it on causes stressful movement against enemies).
  9. Mark Danger when Targeting – On
  10. Auto Pick up Weapons – Off
  11. Auto sort consumables to the right – On
  12. Reset Building Choice – On
  13. Aim Assist – On
  14. Edit Aim Assist – Off
  15. Turbo Building – On
  16. Confirm Edit on Release – On

Controller Settings

Before configuring your controller settings, you should switch the button layout. Do this using Builder’s Pro. This layout makes it easy for players to build with speed and accuracy. Even the top pros make use of this option.

  1. Controller Auto-Run – On
  2. Build Immediately – On (Use this and Turbo Building to achieve the highest building efficiency possible).
  3. Edit Hold Time – 0.100
  4. Vibration – Off (The reason for this is that vibration is likely to disrupt your aim efficiency in competitive mode.)
  5. Sensitivity Options – Personal preference (This is because no sensitivity option is perfect. For some players, slow aiming is better while it is vice-versa for others. Find what suits you and use it.)
  6. Aim Assist Strength – 100 percent
  7. Move Stick Deadzone – 8 percent
  8. Look Stick Deadzone – 8 percent (This setting determines how much effect moving your thumbstick affects the camera when playing. Using lower values is better because it ensures the least input lag possible).

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