Best Picture Settings for Sony Bravia 4K TV

The Sony Bravia TV brand has a long standing history of being a solid TV for your home. It offers clarity, high resolution and classy designs. To get the most of your new TV, you need to know the best settings that Sony Bravia TVs run with and we got the details below. 

Best Picture Settings for Sony Bravia 4K TV

Here’s the best picture settings to set for your NEW Bravia TV. We divided this part into easy sections:

  • Picture Settings 
  • Must turn off settings 

Picture Settings

 Setting – Mode  
Picture mode Cinema or Movie
Contrast 100%
Brightness 50%
Sharpness Leave at 0% ( if blurry increase to 50% )
Hue Leave at 0% 
Gamma 2.2 or 0 

The Picture mode should either be on Cinema or on Movie mode. Avoid leaving it at Sports, Vivid, Dynamic, etc. Sharpness should be left at 0% for the best results. In cases where 0% is blurry, take it to 50% and leave it there.

The contrast and backlight should be left at 100% while the brightness, tint, and color at 50%. The Hue is best left at 0% in order to not affect picture quality.

For effective results, leave Gamma at 2.2 or 0, as the case may be. Overscan setting is Full for Wide Mode and Full Pixel for Display Area.

Note that some settings, like backlight, will not affect picture quality if adjusted. In this case, you may want to adjust it to what you think is comfortable for you.

Must-Turn-Off Settings

There are certain features that must be totally put out to have the best picture quality on your Sony Bravia 4K TV, some of which are interpolation, image/picture processing, or any other thing which poses as an image quality improver.

Game mode or computer mode can be left alone; they enable faster frame rate, bypassing a lot of protocols that you would really want to bypass if you’re using an application like Highfive.

Other must-turn-off features include:

  • Noise Reduction
  • MPEG Noise Reduction
  • Dot Noise Reduction
  • Reality Creation
  • Smooth Gradation
  • Motionflow
  • CineMotion
  • Black Corrector
  • Auto Light Limiter
  • Clear White
  • Live Color
  • Detail Enhancer
  • Edge Enhancer
  • SBM

A Brief on the Sony Bravia 4K TV

Best Picture Settings for Sony Bravia 4K TV

Sony Bravia 4K TV is the first choice of TV when seeking quality gaming TV.

It is powered by the 4K Processor X1 which upscales every pixel in a beautiful manner, analyzing each scene individually in a real-time, lifelike detailed way, giving you a touch of reality while enjoying your game.

The Bravia’s 3840 x 2160 resolution makes for the best clarity you could possibly get for a TV, enhancing contrast, color, and clarity to the highest level.

The intelligent upscaling helps improve clarity and reduces noise while colors are enhanced individually and the wide range of contrast optimized frame by frame.

Sony Bravia 4K TV is good for gaming, streaming videos, personal/home use, etc.

However, you may have a TV as good as this and still not be able to optimize it fully for maximum results. And, not just this TV. You may have very good devices but are unable to set it up properly to produce the best results.

And most times, if you are not aware that it is you who have not set the device up properly, you may result in spending your money on buying other devices and discarding the former off as not up to standard.


The user manual that comes with your TV set may not have this detailed setup process for best results, and that is why it is necessary that you follow through with this step by step process to fully optimize your Sony Bravia 4K TV for maximum results.

If you encounter any kind of challenge while setting up, it is advisable to seek the help of a TV technician to avoid complications.

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