Best Audio Settings for Vizio TV. Improve Your TV’s Audio

Vizio TVs have several nice features, among these are the number of sound options available. With this array of sound options, it is possible for you to completely transform the way the TV sounds. 

To get the best audio settings for Vizio TVs, you have to invest a lot of time if you are not familiar with the TV settings menu and options. Well, this is where we come in. 

We have researched on your behalf. Here’s what we noticed, the best settings are dependent on your preferences. This is how to set your audio on a Vizio TV.

Best Vizio TV Audio Settings

If you already know your way around the TV, and only looking for the optimal settings, here they are below: 

 Audio Settings 

What to Set


Audio Mode Flat, Rock, Classical, Jazz Not a big deal
DTS TruSurround/Surround Sound OFF Country
DTS TruVolume/Volume Leveling OFF Country
Balance Slide the cursor left or right to your liking Balance the output of speakers ( external )
Digital Audio Out PCM Only important with external speakers
Lip Sync Set the timing manually to the display image Match the timing of the audio to picture
Analog Audio Out Fixed Only important with external speakers
Equilizer Default (Direct for external speakers) Will work only when surround sound is OFF


NOTE – Obviously, make sure the speakers are set to ON before adjusting any settings

How do you know that you have a great TV? When you enjoy both quality pictures and sound. That’s the true measure but you still need to make adjustments to get quality audio from your Vizio TV.

The first thing to do when trying to adjust your TV’s audio is to access the main menu. We have split the adjustment process into steps to make it easier for you to understand.

Let’s see more details about each one

Step 1 – Switch on your TV and pick up your remote control. Press “Menu” and then tap on “Audio Settings.”

Step 2 – In this step, you’ll be configuring the sound of your TV. You’ll begin by choosing your Audio Mode. There are five options including:

  1. Flat
  2. Rock
  3. Pop
  4. Classical
  5. Jazz

While doing this, make sure that you are playing some sound from the TV. You can now move through the different modes to find the one that suits you best.

Step 3 – Choose the Balance. This means deciding which of the speakers produces more sound, either the right or left. For many people, they’ll have it split right in the middle with both speakers producing the same level of sound.

Step 4 – Here, you tap on “Lip Sync.” Adjusting this feature is only necessary if you notice that the audio is not in line with the video playing. Most times, your Lip Sync feature is “On” by default. If it is “Off” then you need to keep adjusting until you get the best sync.

Step 5 – If you prefer to disable your internal speakers, then you can tap on TV Speakers. You should only make this adjustment when you are plugging in an external speaker to the TV.

Step 6 – Here’s how to set up your Advanced Audio. First, you either enable or disable the “SRS TruSurround HD.” This is the pseudo-surround sound tech from Vizio. Second, you should either enable or disable the “SRS TruVolume.” This is the volume-leveling tech from Vizio.

Step 7 – Here, you either enable or disable the “Digital Audio Out.” To do this, choose between “PCM” and “Dolby Digital.” Make sure that you do this only when you connect external sound.

Step 8 – If you are making use of an “RCA-connected sound system (external),” this is what you should do. Either enable or disable “Analog Audio Out.”

Step 9 – Now, either enable or disable “Audio Control” on your TV. If you want your remote to handle controlling speakers, select “TV.” For controlling external speakers, select “External.” This way, you set up your TV remote to help you control your external speakers.

Step 10 – Return to ‘Audio Settings” and tap on “Equalizer Settings.” This is only present when you don’t enable “SRS TruSurround HD.” Follow each prompt to choose the equalizer settings before pressing the “Exit” button.

All your settings will be saved and duly applied when you exit.

Our Recommended Audio Settings for Vizio TVs

Remember we said earlier that your audio settings depend on your preferences? Well, after lots of tests, we have come up with our recommendations. Firstly, you should know that your Vizio TV has several enhancements and great features. If you can handle all of these right, you have the best sound ever.

In this section, we’ll show you what we prefer to use. Please note that not all these settings may be on your Vizio TV. There are slight disparities based on the model. However, looking through your settings menu will show you if you have them or not.

Check out our preferred settings below:

  1. Volume Leveling – Set to Off
  2. Lip Sync – Match display image to audio track
  3. Analog Audio Out – Set to Fixed
  4. Surround Sound – Set to Off
  5. Balance – Set to equal Left and Right balance
  6. Digital Audio Out – Set to PCM
  7. Equalizer – Set to Default

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