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How would you like to be named among the greatest Rocket League players of all time? It’s not wishful thinking if you can sort out your camera settings. After all, that’s what sets the greats like Lethamyr apart.

Lethamyr has made a mark as a player and coach. One of the special aspects of his game is the way he sets his camera.

Lethamyr camera settings

Lethamyr Camera Settings (Updated)

Have you been wishing to set your camera properly? Do you think this is the only hindrance to your gameplay? We know a way out.

In this section, we will show Lethamyr’s camera settings. This should help you figure out your mistakes and just maybe make you a star.

  • Camera shake – No
  • FOV – 110
  • Height – 110
  • Angle – -4.0
  • Distance – 270
  • Stiffness – 0.55
  • Swivel speed – 6.50
  • Transition speed – 1.00
  • Ball camera – Toggle

Do you notice any differences in your settings? If you do, maybe you want to make a few tweaks. However, if you think Lethamyr has updated his settings and we haven’t, you can reach us.

Lethamyr Camera Settings vs. Experts’ Opinion

The basic truth about playing RLC is that the camera settings are not one-size-fits-all. Everyone sets their cameras based on personal preferences. Notwithstanding, the greats have a specific formula.

Few times, even the top players deviate from the “almighty expert camera settings.” Let’s see if Lethamyr sticks to expert opinion or not.

Ball cam toggle – This setting helps to activate the ball camera manually or automatically. The manual activation requires you to use a button that many players deem as distracting. For almost every expert player, they leave their ball cam on “toggle.” Lethamyr does the same.

Camera angle – This determines how you view your car through the camera. It focuses on the angle that the cam catches your car. For most pros, they want to see their cars with a lot of the terrain. This means they set their angle at -3 degrees. Lethamyr doesn’t seem to agree with this setting, his value is -4.

Swivel speed – With this value, you can determine how sensitive your camera is to the turns your car makes. Some players think it is best to have it fast so that they can bend very quickly. Most players prefer to have it slow for better control. The average is around 5.3 for the experts. Lethamyr differs by setting his at 6.50.

Camera stiffness – This feature determines the looseness of your game cam as it follows your car. You get rapid zooms with low values but this translates to very low control. For better control, experts prefer to raise the stiffness values to about 0.43. This makes it easy for them to maneuver while playing. Lethamyr sets his stiffness at 0.55, deviating from the norm.

More about Lethamyr

His real name is Treyven Robitaille and he is from Canada. The RLC player was born on the 31st of March, 1995. Lethamyr is not only a player, but he is also a content creator, and he also coaches new players. So far, he has over $48,175 in earnings.

Image credit: Liquipedia

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