Aydan Fortnite Settings and Gear (2021)

Would you like to get the best from the Fortnite game? Using a setup by the game’s top players should give you an upper hand.

Aydan “Aydan” Conrad is one of the top Fortnite’s professional players. Using his settings should help you step up your Fortnite gaming. 

Here are his settings. Use them for better results.

General Settings For Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Black

  • Edit Mode Sens.: Set it to 1.8x.
  • Build Mode Sens.: Use 1.9x.
  • Input Curve: Set it to Linear.
  • Look V. Speed: Set it to 42%.
  • Look H. Speed: Use 44%.
  • Aim Assist Strength: 100% is perfect.
  • Turn V. Boost: Set it to 0%.
  • Turn H. Boost: Set it to 0%.
  • ADS Look H. Speed: 16% is perfect.
  • ADS Look V. Speed: Use 19%.
  • ADS Turn V. Boost: Set this to 0%.
  • ADS Turn H. Boost: Also use 0% for this.
  • Turn Boost Time: Set it to 0.20.
  • ADS Turn Boost Time: Also use 0.20.
  • Instant Boost: Turn this Off.
  • Edit Hold Time: 0.100 is perfect.
  • Dampening Time: Set it to 0.00.
  • Aim Assist Strength: Use 100%. 
  • Deadzone: Set this to 0.12/0.12.
  • Sprint By Default: Turn it On.

Aydan Fortnite Settings

Settings for Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Black Controller Binds (Combat)

  • L1: Use Previous Weapon. 
  • L2: Select Aim Down Sights. 
  • R1: Use Next Weapon. 
  • R2: Attack/Confirm. 
  • D-Pad Up: Use Inventory. 
  • D-Pad Down: Emote/Replay. 
  • D-Pad Left: Use Place Marker. 
  • D-Pad Right: Unbound. 
  • Square: Use Reload/Interact. 
  • Triangle: Choose Switch Mode/Edit. 
  • Circle: Select Edit. 
  • Cross: Use Jump. 
  • R3: Choose Crouch/Repair. 
  • L3: Use Toggle Pickaxe. 
  • Touch Pad: Select Map. 
  • Options Button: Choose Game Menu.


Settings for Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Black Controller Binds (Build)

  • L1: Choose Roof Piece.
  • L2: Use Stair Piece.
  • R1: Floor Piece.
  • R2: Select Wall Piece.
  • D-Pad Up: Use Inventory.
  • D-Pad Down: Choose Unbound.
  • D-Pad Left: Use Change Mats/Trap.
  • D-Pad Right: Select Rotate.
  • Triangle: Use Switch Mode.
  • Circle: Select Edit.
  • Square: Use Crouch/Repair.
  • Cross: Choose Jump.
  • R3: Use Trap/Interact.
  • L3: Select Toggle Pickaxe.
  • Touch Pad: Choose Map.
  • Options Button: Use Game Menu.


Settings for Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Black Controller Binds (Edit).

  • L1: Select Reset. 
  • L2: Use Unbound. 
  • R1: Use Select. 
  • R2: Choose Unbound. 
  • D-Pad Up: Select Inventory. 
  • D-Pad Down: Use Emote/Replay. 
  • D-Pad Left: Choose Unbound. 
  • D-Pad Right: Use Squad Comms. 
  • Square: Select Crouch. 
  • Triangle: Use Unbound. 
  • Circle: Choose Confirm. 
  • Cross: Choose Jump. 
  • R3: Select Unbound. 
  • L3: Use Toggle Pickaxe. 
  • Touch Pad: Choose Map. 
  • Options Button: Game Menu is perfect for this.


Other Settings

  • Brightness: Use 0.80.
  • HUD Scale: Use 0.80.
  • NVIDIA Settings: Use the Default setting.
  • Color Blind Mode: Select Deuteranope 5.


Aydan Fortnite Gear

Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Black Controller

If you want to shorten response time and increase hand use, then the Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Black Controller would serve your interest. 

  • The gaming controller is lightweight and gives a good performance grip. Enjoy longer gameplay.


Elgato HD60 Pro Capture Card

This card is perfect for streaming. The game view is superior. You can stream with low latency technology.

  • It has quality 1080p and 60fps Advanced H.264 hardware encoding HDMI. 


AlienWare AW2518H Monitor

Here is a 25-inches monitor designed to boost your gaming experience. It has captivating features and display. The monitor comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and ultra-low motion blur technology. A these give you smooth gameplay.


Astro A40 Headset

This headset is perfect for Hime’s use. The gadget can be transformed from an open-back to a closed-back noise. This is easily done by swapping components such as ear cushions, speaker tags, and microphones.


Use the settings above to experience more fun-packed gameplay time. The gear also boosts the overall gaming experience.