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Jstn is known by many as the “mechanical god” for his outstanding skills as a Rocket League Player. He plays for the NRG Esports team and is touted as scoring the best goal in the Rocket League ever.

But the question is this, what are Jstn Camera settings like? We’ll show you in this post to help you become a better Rocket League Player.

jstn camera settings

Jstn Camera Settings

If you are going to make it big as a Rocket League Player, you need to sort out your camera settings. The easiest way to do this is by modeling your settings after the pros. One of the biggest pros in the game today is Jstn.

Check out how he sets his height, camera shake, distance, the field of view, stiffness, angle, ball camera, and swivel speed.

  • Camera shake – No
  • FOV – 110
  • Height – 100
  • Angle – -4.0
  • Distance – 270
  • Stiffness – 0.4
  • Swivel Speed – 4.70
  • Transition speed – 1.40
  • Ball Camera – Toggle

For many players, you will see that they have multiple values for certain settings. It is different with Jstn because he has specific settings he uses. Strange, right? Many people think it is because he’s a genius at the game.

Anyways, if you feel he has changed his settings and we haven’t updated them, kindly reach out to us. We have a list of communication channels below.

Jstn’s Camera Settings vs. Experts’ Settings

Is Jstn doing anything different from the norm with his settings? In this section, we compare his camera settings to the standard settings proposed by experts.

Camera Height – This setting focuses on the relationship between the height of the game camera and the ball. Most gamers have preferred camera height settings. Experts believe it should begin at 100 and end at 130. Justn seems to agree as he sets his camera height at 100.

Camera Angle – The angle settings focus on what view the camera presents of your car. Many experts prefer to see most of the terrain while they play, avoiding “bird’s eye view.” The agreement is that the settings should sit on -3.0. Jstn differs here as he sets his angle to -4.0.

Camera Stiffness – What does this mean? The looseness of your camera while following your car. Using the lowest level implies that your camera zooms at top speeds. Here’s the basic rule. The higher the stiffness, the easier it is to follow the movement of your car. The recommended average is 0.43, but anywhere around 0.4 and 0.5 is great. Jstn agrees as he uses 0.4.

Ball cam toggle – This setting allows you to choose between automatic or manual ball cam activation. Most people prefer to Toggle as holding down the button is difficult. Jstn does like to Toggle as well.

More on Jstn

Jstn was born on 5th August 2002 in the United States. His real name is Justin Morales. Jstn is signed to NRG Esports, one of the biggest teams in Rocket League Championship. He joined the team just before the RLC Season 5 and has total earnings of $209,664.

Image credit: Liquipedia

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