ASUS VG278Q Best Settings (for Gaming, etc.)

The ASUS VG278Q is among the most famous 144Hz gaming monitors. It is mostly used for competitive FPS gaming. This product comes with several advantages like reliability and affordability.

Most of all, ASUS VG278Q has a quick refresh rate. It offers you about 1ms response time speed for blur-free motion gaming. This monitor has a sleek design and is ergonomic with height, swivel, tilt, and pivot alterations.

There’s just one challenge, this monitor has washed out colors and poor gamma performance without settings. Many players find this repulsive so there is a need to fix the settings. In this post, we will show you the best ASUS VG278Q settings.

asus vg278q best settings

Adjusting your ASUS VG278Q Settings

At this point, you are probably worried that you may not be able to get the settings right. Not to worry, we have done all the work so it should be pretty simple. All you need to do is tweak some of the On-Screen Display options and install the right ICC profile.

Do this and you will have the perfect settings to enjoy an amazing gaming experience with this monitor. It is important to note that each ASUS VG278Q is a little different from the rest. Since they aren’t exactly identical, you’ll need to adjust our settings just a little for your screen.

What you need to work on the most are the color settings. Check out ours below:

  1. Brightness – 90
  2. Contrast – 80
  3. Saturation – Off
  4. Color Temperature – User Mode
  5. Skin Tone – Off
  6. Smart View – Off

If you have been using your settings for some time now, there is a likelihood that these settings will seem strange. They are likely to give you a few problems at first but they only need some getting used to. As soon as you grow into them, you’ll prefer them to your old settings.

Best ASUS VG278Q Settings for FPS

The ASUS VG278Q comes with pre-calibrated presets for your pictures. You can find these presets under the Splendid tab of the On-Screen Display. Based on regular practice, you should enjoy the best picture quality with these settings.

Reality has proven otherwise. OSD settings work better when you pair them with the pre-programmed ICC profiles:

  1. Splendid mode – Standard
  2. Contrast – 75
  3. Brightness – 65 (you can increase this to get brighter images if that’s what works for you)
  4. Color Temperature – User (Blue 88, Green 94, and Red 96)
  5. Disable ASCR (dynamic contrast ratio) and SmartView. You can set the TraceFree parameter depending on your preferences.

Once you have applied the changes to your OSD, download the ICC profile, and install it. You should choose the ICC profile for your GPU manufacturer. With these profiles, you will get ideal and more accurate colors because of the changes to your LUT and GPU gamma.


After many trials, we are certain that these settings will improve your gaming experience on the ASUS VG278Q monitor. Like we stated earlier, the panels on the monitors are a little different. As a result, you may need to tweak our settings just a little to get the best images.

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