Life Fitness Treadmill Settings for Best Results (2021)

Exercise has become a very important part of human life. This is because it not only keeps us fit and healthy, but it helps in boosting immunity. It also helps us look great by the way.

One of the most important ways to exercise is to go on a treadmill. You can use this device for several purposes. Life Fitness is one of the leading gym equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

life fitness treadmill settings

In this post, we will look at how to sort out your Life Fitness Treadmill Settings.

Best Settings for Life Fitness Treadmill

There are so many settings for this piece of equipment. However, we will be looking at two very important ones in this post. They include:

  1. Changing your speed levels while running, jogging, or walking.
  2. Changing the treadmill from KPH to MPH

Let’s get straight to it then.

Changing the speed levels on your Life Fitness Treadmill

Guess what, you don’t always have to tap on the speed arrows every time you want to alter speed levels. Even though that’s the traditional method, Life Fitness gives a button to do this with ease. With this button, you only need to tap it once for a speed change.

Check out the steps to achieve this below:

Step 1 – The console will ask you before you begin to choose a workout. The other option is the Quick Start button. Press Speed Interval instead.

Step 2 – Provide details about your weight, how long you want to run, and the preferred incline.

Step 3 – Enter a figure for your jog speed. Make sure that you choose a speed that is convenient enough for you to gist with someone next to you. This pace is healthy according to top professionals and gym experts.

Step 4 – Enter a figure for your run speed. Make sure that you aren’t able to say beyond a few words at this pace.

Step 5 – Begin your workout.

Each time you need to shift between speed levels, simply tap the “Speed Interval” button. This moves you between the jog and run speeds that you already set. There are times when you want to go faster or slower than the preset times. Simply use the speed arrows in this case.

Changing the treadmill from KPH to MPH

It is important when using a treadmill that you know how much distance you cover. With this, you can measure how much progress you are making with your exercise routine. Life Fitness treadmills naturally provide you a figure for distance traveled.

The challenge most times is understanding the measurements. Guess what, you can switch the measurement settings. You can decide between metric and English measurements depending on which one you understand.

The normal metric system is “kilometers per hour.” You can change it to “miles per hour” and vice versa. Here’s how to do this.

Step 1 – Switch off the treadmill but don’t unplug it. Check to be sure that the magnetic safety key is still inside the console.

Step 2 – Check the underside of your treadmill’s console to find the calibration cutout.

Step 3 – Insert the end of your pen or a Q-tip into the calibration cutout’s recess. This is important to activate the switch. When you do, you should see “CL11” in the time window of your display screen.

Step 4 – Tap the speed arrows “-“ or “+” to choose any of mph or kph.

Step 5 – Tap on the power button to save your new setting.

Maintaining your Life Fitness Treadmill

If you want your treadmill to last long, you need to maintain it properly. We have put together a few tips to help you maintain your Life Fitness Treadmill.

  1. Regularly clean the exterior surfaces and display console. Use a mild cleaner or soap and water. Never use paper towels.
  2. Check the operation of the stop button every week.
  3. Regularly vacuum the treadmill striding belt. This keeps debris away.
  4. Check the exterior parts of the equipment for wear frequently.

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