Pine Overwatch Settings and Gaming Gears

Overwatch is a global phenomenon with over 20 million players around the world. Many players – especially Kim Do-Hyeon “Pine” – try to become the best and seek to have or improve their existing configurations to take advantage of their full potential and thus yearn to be the best of the best. That’s why we leave you with the ultimate Pine Overwatch settings.

Here are all configurations and accessories that one of the best gamers in the world uses for their incredible performance in Overwatch.

Pine Overwatch Gears & Settings

As mentioned earlier, the tools you choose to play have a lot of importance when it comes to your performance, and in this world with so much diversity of gaming accessories and possible configurations, it is easy to get confused when choosing which mouse or keyboard to use, or what configuration you should have in your new mouse.

Pine states that it is essential to use gear and settings that work for you because everyone is different. The ideal is to feel comfortable with the tools and settings selected. In this way, performance in each game is enhanced. Here, you will find the configurations used by Pine.


Regarding the mouse, Pine uses The Steelseries Rival 100. The characteristics that stand out of this mouse are cheap, small, and lightweight.

He plays with high sensibility, so he primarily uses his wrist and rarely his arm. Instead, he uses a palm grip to work better with his muscle memory.

Although other players customize their mouse, he prefers to focus on his mousepad. However, the Dots Per Inches (DPI) is essential. The DPI is the number of pixels the mouse pointer moves depending on the inches. This is a measure for calculating the sensitivity of a mouse. So, the higher the DPI, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse we will get on our monitor screen.

In short, these acronyms mark the distance and speed at which the cursor will move on the screen concerning the mouse movements.

The DPI will be important according to your level as a gamer and your demands. If you play sporadically, then don’t even worry about it. But if you are one of those competitive gamers who spend long hours in front of the PC = the DPI can make a difference.

Whatever your case may be, it is worth remembering that more DPI is not always synonymous with better performance or greater precision.

It’s best to experiment until you feel comfortable and find your balance.

                          MOUSE   SETTINGS 
DPI 500
eDPI 7,500
CM / 360° 18.473


Pine either grind his mousepad with sandpaper or get a used mousepad. The mousepad is called Maxtill G-Pad.

He describes it as a smooth mousepad. However, there are some cons. When your first use it, it will feel stiff. But after one or two months, you start to grind the mousepad slowly. That’s when the pros of this mousepad come out.

After the initial grinding, it becomes a fast mousepad. It is not made of cloth, so the weather is not affected. If you spill water on it, you can wipe it off.



The keyboard that pine uses is The Logitech G Pro. He uses tenkeyless keyboards because the difference or having a Numpad and not having it is whether you want your arms to be closer or further away. He does not customize the keycaps of the keyboard.

pine overwatch settings


He uses the ASUS PG258Q monitor. He started using it after joining the Overwatch League. It’s a 24.5-inch monitor. He mentioned that he felt motion sickness when he tried using a 32-inch monitor.

A Little Bit Of Gaming History: Who Is Pine?

Kim Do-Hyeon – better known as Pine – is a South Korean professional Overwatch player from the Overwatch League (OWL). He started his first days in pro gaming with the LW Blue in the now-famous Overwatch APEX series.

Pine rose to prominence in 2018 when he signed with New York Excelsior (NYXL) for the first season of the Overwatch League. Then, after a couple of years, he shockingly announced that he was walking away from the game. Then again, it didn’t take long before we saw him again after he became a streamer for Andbox, NYXL’s parent company.

Then, in 2021, he announced his surprising return to professional gaming, this time with the Dallas Fuel.

The Beginning

Kim was born and raised in South Korea’s capital Seoul as the middle child with two siblings. He struggled with ADHD from a young age, finding it hard to learn and even make friends. 

Growing up, Pine grew interested in playing badminton, even rising to a promising career. Unfortunately, a toe injury forced him to walk away from his dream, turning his attention to several FPS games while he was still in high school.

Pine had a complicated relationship with his parents because of how obsessed he was with video games.  He tried to pursue a more ‘normal’ career path by enrolling to study culinary arts but soon dropped out to follow his dream and become a professional gamer. 

Big Boss Pine Career Path

Pine joined the LW Blue team as a DPS for the Overwatch APEX competition in 2017. He played for that team until signing with NYXL in October of that same year

Later, The NYXL chose Pine as their flex DPS for the 2018 Overwatch League season. Although he only played occasionally, he turned a lot of heads thanks to his bold playstyle.

During this play, broadcaster Erik “DoA” Lonnquist crowned him “Big Boss Pine,” which became the catalyst for Kim’s nickname.

Even though he did quite well in Stage 1, he missed most of the second Stage 2. Then, he was swept by London Spitfire in the Finals, leading to panic attacks, anxiety, and mental health struggles.

One Of The Best Hitscan Players In The League

The following year a new meta ruled the Overwatch League: the GOATS. Unfortunately, this meta had teams running three tanks and three brackets, leaving little to no room for a hitscan player.

NYXL took third place in both Overwatch League 2019 Regular Season and Playoffs, but Pine didn’t fit the roster because of the GOATS meta.

As hit scans were not a good fit for the Overwatch League in 2019, coupled with mental health issues, Pine decided to step away from competitive Overwatch. However, he stayed with NYXL, becoming a streamer for the team.

A Break: The Importance Of Mental Health

Pine struggled with depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and stress. He tried so hard to live up to the expectations and keep up as the promising e-sports star he was once considered.

He overcame these disorders with the help of the people around him, especially Andrew Kim – NYXL’s player-manager – who approached him and encouraged him to talk about his problems. This led Kim to decide to take a break before returning to the Overwatch League scene.

Ironically, Pine’s example paved the way and made people realize how important mental preparation was for e-sports players as well.

The Returning: Dallas Fuel Signs Pine

Dallas Fuel – the winner of the May 2021 Melee tournament – with its revamped Element Mystic roster, signed former New York Excelsior hitscan specialist Do-Hyeon “Pine” Kim.

“Dallas Fuel won the first competition of the 2021 Overwatch League season and did not seem ready to end this winning streak. So instead, the team signs one of the most popular hits players in the Overwatch League: Do-Hyeon “Pine” Kim.”

But why is Dallas Fuel signing Pine since he never played with Element Mystic and arrived after the season?

At the beginning of 2021, Dallas Fuel’s hit, Ki-Hyo “Xzi” Jung, had to retire due to health issues. His departure left a hole in the Dallas Fuel roster, which only has flex DPS players and no real hitscan masters. This gap was filled when the team signed the most popular hitscan player, Big Boss Pine, from NYXL.

Final Lines on Pine Overwatch Settings

We already know that the tools you choose to play have a lot of importance for your performance. So here we look at the gears and settings that Pine – a gamer who has excelled in the gamer world – uses in Overwatch. He also highlights that the idea is to feel comfortable with the tools and settings selected.

The gear he uses to play Overwatch is the Steelseries Rival 100 mouse, Maxtill G-Pad mousepad, The Logitech G Pro keyboard, and the 24.5-inch ASUS PG258Q monitor. Now, all you have to do is work hard, continue to train, and never stop grinding, so maybe you can also become one of the greatest players on Earth. But, of course, also focus on your mental health and take a break if you feel like you need one.