Saebyeolbe Overwatch Settings and Gear

Jong-Ryeol Park “Saebyeolbe” is considered by many the best Tracer globally. He is also one of the most popular Overwatch League players on social media. He always plays to win and tends to do so quite often. That’s why we leave you with the settings, configurations and accessories that one of the best gamers in the world uses for their incredible performance in Overwatch.

Who Is Saebyeolbe?

Jong-Ryeol Park – known by his online alias Saebyeolbe or SBB– was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.
When he was in elementary school, his parent broke up, and for him and his sister, it was a difficult time in their lives. After that happened, both decided to go live with their mother.

In middle school, his mom pressured him to get into bowling. A sport that he played as a professional for four years. However, in an interview, Saebyeolbe spoke about how his couches assaulted him. Specifically, he said:

Coaches hit me every day. Well, not every day. Some weeks one time, some week two times. Coaches hit every professional bowler. My parents don’t matter when someone hits me, it does not matter to my mom as it’s normal.

When he was 17, he falls in love with the game Counter-Strike playing up to 5,000 hours, and he was probably could have gone professional, but Counter-Strike was not big in Korea.

Forgoing college – in his years after high school – Saebyoelbe started working as a barista. After that, he must go to national service in the military. In his service, he broke a knee and was released early. Because of this, he started to play Overwatch and became a Pro Gamer.

Saebyeolbe: The Start Of His Career

During his recovery from his knee injury, SBB picked up Overwatch and began developing his skills in Blizzard’s title. Within months of delving into the gamer world, SBB met Pine – considered Korea’s all-powerful DPS – and the players began to develop a synergy as a DPS duo.

However, Saebyeolbe always believed he was the better player. Nonetheless, that confidence was not reflected in LW Blue. After the switch to New York Excel, SBB proved to be a complete menace.

When Saebyeolbe first played the game, he was fascinated by the Tracer as a hero and made it a point to devote many hours to him, as his legend as one of the most elite Tracers in competitive play grew each season. Among his qualities, leadership and ability as the primary damage dealer in his team stood out, which helped him reach the first position.

Notably, his Counter-Strike prowess translated to the marksmanship and agility needed to succeed with the basic OW character.

The Best Player In Overwatch League

Crowning the best Overwatch player in the entire game history is probably one of the most challenging choices to make in the eSports environment.

Since the Overwatch League started in 2018, many players have displayed different sets of fantastic skills and almost unrealistic levels of game management. Unfortunately, the game has only been with us for a few years, so it is tough to pick just one person to title as the best player of all time.

After watching him bring several incredible performances across three seasons of the OGN APEX, we are confident enough to say that SBB is the best Overwatch player in the game’s history.

While his team may not make it to the finals throughout these three seasons, it is undeniable that SSB has proven that no other Overwatch player can play the clutch role better than him.

For years to come, Overwatch fans will fondly remember how he tore apart KonDoo Panthera on Route 66 on his own, pulling off the most lethal Roadhood move ever seen. Nor will we forget how the latter unleashed terror on the US team of Sinatra and Adams during the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, blasting the South Korean side straight to an echoing victory.

SSB became an even more phenomenal player when he joined the New York Excelsior team. To this day, he has shown us the definition of “mastery” when it comes to playing with the most brutal trio in the entire game – McCree, Tracer, and Widowmaker.

There are few players with this kind of pinpoint accuracy, and when it comes to bringing in a winning play, no one comes close. So there’s no doubt why he made Seoul Dynasty one of the most formidable teams in Overwatch in 2020 and 2021.

The Boycott: Criticism Was Immediate

We already know that the Overwatch esports scene has a global reach, with teams on every continent, players competing everywhere, and fans in every country. That’s why from time-to-time issues related to politics creep into the dialogue. For example, countries with strict censorship policies can hinder esports competitors and streamers in general.

This was the case with Saebyeolbe in 2021, Park drew the ire of his Overwatch League competitors in China for his comments about Taiwan and Hong Kong, and as a result, he was the victim of a boycott by Chinese players.

Park, an Overwatch pro from Seoul Dynasty, came under fire for expressing opinions about Taiwan and Hong Kong, frustrated that he could not even say their names without being reprimanded. Park – who broadcasts on Chinese streaming platform Douyu – is not supposed to talk about the two disputed territories, as China claims sovereignty over them and refuses to acknowledge any narrative to the contrary.

This is a particularly hot topic in the world of video games, as the text of the game Genshin Impact automatically censors any attempt to write “Taiwan” or “Hong Kong”.

NYXL’s Saebyeolbe Pitched In An MLB Series

On April 2, 2018, SSB became the first South Korean Esports professional to throw the first pitch in an MLB series. The game in which Saebyeolbe gave the classic pitch – previously only boosted by musicians and Hollywood actors – was the series opener for the NY Mets, and his relationship with them could not have been more perfect since one of the owners of the Mets Jeff Wilpon, is also the owner of New York Excelsior.

Saebyeolbe Retires From Professional Overwatch

Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong-ryeol is retiring from the Overwatch League as a player, according to a statement on social media. The announcement comes just after Seoul Dynasty revealed it would release him from the roster along with three other players and a coach.

In his statement on his retirement, he gave no further details on where he would go next, only that he was “Thinking about writing a different story now.” Some expect him to switch to Riot Games’ popular title Valorant, while others think he may return to OWL as a coach or staff member.

Saebyeolbe is considered one of the best Tracer players globally and has been in the OWL for a long time. During the league’s first season, he started at New York Excelsior and was then picked up by Dynasty before the 2021 season.

Throughout his career, he had a lot of success with NYXL. They won many tournaments with him on the team, including three of four-stage finals in the first season and a third-place finish in the 2019 season.

Saebyeolbe Overwatch Gears & Settings

As mentioned earlier, the tools you choose to play have a lot of importance for your performance. The ideal is to feel comfortable with the tools and settings selected. In this way, performance in each game is enhanced.

Here you will find the configurations used by Saebyeolbe:


Mouse Curvature Circumference Mouse Set up Sensitivity Zoom Mousepad
SteelSeries AEROX3 WIRELESS GHOST 1267 MPI 0.831 deg/mm 17 in/rev 43.3 cm/rev 800 CPI 1000 Hz 4 37.89% Razer Strider


Mouse Mousepad
Steelseries Aerox3 Wireless Ghost Razer Strider
Asus ROG Strix PG258Q 240 Hz
Leopold FC750R Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight S










Overwatch League – Asia Playoffs





Overwatch League – 2019 Playoffs



3 – 4th


Overwatch League – Stage 2 Playoffs



3 – 4th


Overwatch League – Inaugural Season Playoffs





OWL Inaugural Season Stage 4 Title Matches

1 : 3




OWL Inaugural Season Stage 3 Title Matches

3: 0




OWL Inaugural Season Stage 2 Title Matches





Overwatch World Cup 2017

4: 1




Intel Extreme Masters Season XI Gyeonggi


Final lines on Saebyeolbe gears and settings

We already know that the tools you choose to play have a lot of importance for your performance. So here we look at the gears and settings that Saebyeolbe – a gamer who has excelled in the gamer world – uses in Overwatch.

He also highlights that the idea is to feel comfortable with the tools and settings selected.
The gear he uses to play Overwatch is SteelSeries AEROX3 WIRELESS GHOST mouse, Razer Strider mousepad, Leopold FC750R keyboard, and the Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight S headset.

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