Best Equalizer Settings for Kenwood Car Audio

Is there a best equalizer settings for your Kenwood car audio/ Can you get the perfect equalizer setting for Kenwood which will you the best sound/ 

The answer is YES. 

Although there are no standard equalizer settings for Kenwood since our taste for music is diverse and subjective but you can get the best equalizer setting that suits you. 

I will show you how to achieve that soon. For now, you need to understand what an equalizer is. 

Best Equalizer Settings for Kenwood Car Audio

What is an equalizer?

An equalizer (EQ) is a type of software that increases or decreases frequency. The human ear can only detect sounds between 20hz and 20,000hz. In the Kenwood equalizer, you would find these frequencies divided into bands, 913 bands actually, but the major bands are three; Bass, Mid, and Treble. 

  • Bass

The bass means that the sound is in between frequencies 16hz to 256hz. This is referred to as low frequency. So if you need more bass in your music, you would need to tune your sliders to these frequencies. 

  • Treble

Treble is the sound for frequencies up to 20khz, that is 20,000hz, which is the highest frequency. Playing rock music for instance requires more treble than bass. 

  • Mid

Just like the name implies, Mid is any frequency that lies between Bass and Treble. They usually have frequencies between 400hz to 2500hz. 

Like I stated earlier, there are no standard equalizer settings for Kenwood car audio but a properly tuned equalizer can be the major difference between plain, dull, and the type of sound you want to hear. 

So how do you get the best equalizer setting for Kenwood car audio that will give you your desired sound/

How to get the best equalizer settings for your Kenwood Car Audio

First, I want you to understand that the idea behind tuning your equalizer settings is so that you can get a sound that makes you feel the most joy, makes you feel like the instruments are played right in front of you. 

Like I stated earlier, the Kenwood equalizer has 13 bands that offer great audio tuning that will match your taste. These 13 bands produce sound on different frequencies. For instance, 60hz

Oh, wait, make sure your car is parked before you start tuning your equalizer setting. Do not do this while driving in order to avoid distractions. 

  1. Make sure speakers are in phase

Of course, this is after your car is parked. This basically means that the sound coming from the speakers in your car is moving in the same direction. 

Is Kenwood’s car audio good?

Yes, Kenwood’s car stereos have a solid head unit which improves the power of your speaker due to the tiny amplifiers in them. So if you want a stereo that supports your speaker and gives it a boost, then Kenwood is good for your car. 

If you are looking for the perfect equalizer settings for your Kenwood car audio, these are some things to consider before altering your equalizer settings,

Things to consider before altering your equalizer settings

  • Where the music is played

In this case, you are playing music in a car hence the sound will be affected by the glass which bounces the sound from one end to another, the seats which absorb the sound. 

  • Type of music played

The type of music you are playing has a major effect on the sound. If you are playing a hip-hop track, for instance, you would definitely get a louder beat than classics. So you should consider the type of song before altering the equalizer settings.

  • You as a listener

It also depends on you. The type of satisfaction you want to get from the music. Do you want more bass or less? You need to determine before you make any change to the equalizer settings.

  • Number of people in the car

If there are more people in the car, you would hear fewer beats because the bodies in the car absorb sound as well. 

Five tips to help you get better sound from your Kenwood car audio

  1. Turn each band all the way up or down at a time and listen to the changes that are made. Keep turning until you are satisfied with the sound you get. 
  2. Buy an In-ear Monitor. An in-ear monitor is a device used by audio engineers, and musicians to listen to music or vocals for live performance or studio work.
  3. Use external speakers. Usually, the internal speaker of your car might not have the best sound, you should consider getting an external speaker.
  4. Get sound-reducing materials. Adding soundproof materials to your car door panel can help you reduce noise that may interfere with the speaker’s output. 
  5. Add amplifiers. An amplifier turns low voltage signals into signals with enough gain to power your speakers. A good amplifier will make your speaker sound better but not just sound better but also play louder. 


If you are looking for the best equalizer setting for your car audio, stick with ‘flat’. It gives you the best sound just as it was recorded by the musician. 

Feel free to alter the setting though, it all depends on what you want to hear. 

Also, avoid turning your car audio unit beyond 75-80% of the maximum volume. It should not go beyond that in order to get good sound and avoid problems with your speaker.

Lastly, take your time to slide each frequency up or down and listen to how it alters the sound. Leave it where you get the most of the satisfaction you want.