Samsung JS9000 Best Picture Settings (2021)

Just like other TVs from Samsung, the JS9000 is known for its excellent picture quality. It is just as good in a dark room as it is in a bright one. No wonder it is one of the top TVs in the market today.

No matter how good a TV is, you still need to adjust a few settings to get the best picture quality. We know how stressful and time-consuming it is to find these settings. This is why we did all the work on your behalf.

In this post, we will share the best picture settings for the Samsung JS9000. Join us on this interesting and enlightening journey to better pictures on your TV.

best picture settings for samsung js9000

Best Picture Settings for Samsung JS9000

In this section, we will share with you the settings we arrived at after lots of experimenting with this TV. You can make use of these settings for just about any kind of content. The only exception is when gaming or using your TV as a computer monitor.

When gaming, simply visit the General Settings and tap on the System option then choose Game Mode. Switch this on to get the least possible input lag.

Picture Mode Settings

Under the picture mode, you should select Movie Mode. This mode is the best-preset option of all the options available. It gives just about the most accurate pictures and the best chance of customization.

You should go further to adjust the following settings:

  1. Backlight – 5
  2. Contrast – 93
  3. Brightness – 45
  4. Sharpness – 0
  5. Color – 50
  6. Tint (G/R) – 50 for both

In some cases, you may consider the images on your TV too dim. Don’t worry, it is absolutely normal and you only need to tweak the backlight settings. You can increase it to 15 and if this doesn’t work for you, take it higher. It is important to note that the backlight settings have no specific impact on picture quality.

Picture Options

Under this settings tab, there are several features you need to fix. Let’s go through them one after the other.

For the color tone, you should choose “Warm2.” Some people think that the images become too yellow or red with this option. If you are one of such people, then you can select a cooler option instead.

Switch off the Digital Clean View feature. You don’t need this for high-resolution content since they already possess great quality pictures. On the other hand, if you are viewing low-quality content, mostly old content, you should switch it on. This feature will smoothen your pictures so you can have clearer content.

You should also turn off the MPEG Noise Filter and switch HDMI Black Level to Auto. Switch color space to Auto as well to get the best color mix for your pictures. Using the Native mode gives you a wider color gamut but this is not great for normal content. In this case, what you will have is over-saturated colors.

Color Space

If you prefer to adjust your color space settings manually, you can switch to custom mode. In this case, you can use the following settings for the best results:

Color – Red

  1. Red – 33
  2. Green – 8
  3. Blue – 1

Color – Green

  1. Red – 23
  2. Green – 47
  3. Blue – 5

Color – Blue

  1. Red – 0
  2. Green – 7
  3. Blue – 61

Color – Yellow

  1. Red – 52
  2. Green – 48
  3. Blue – 5

Color – Cyan

  1. Red – 20
  2. Green – 49
  3. Blue – 55

Color – Magenta

  1. Red – 37
  2. Green – 11
  3. Blue – 53

Advanced Settings

Under the advanced settings, you can make do with the following values:

  1. Dynamic Contrast – Low
  2. Black Tone – Off
  3. RGB Only – Off
  4. Flesh Tone – 0
  5. Color Space – Auto
  6. 10 point White Balance – Off
  7. Gamma – 0
  8. Expert Pattern – Off
  9. Motion Lighting – Disabled
  10. Black Enhancer – Off

White Balance Sub-Menu

  1. R-Offset – 24
  2. G-Offset – 25
  3. B-Offset – 26
  4. R-Gain – 23
  5. G-Gain – 26
  6. B-Gain – 24

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Samsung JS9000

We thought it will be great if you knew a little more about your JS9000 than just settings. In this section, we take a look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of this electronic piece of art.


  1. Excellent color, black, and contrast levels.
  2. Input lag in the game mode is minimal.
  3. The smart hub runs very fast due to the octa-core processor.
  4. Possesses strong LED lighting.


  1. Side angle view for 3D content isn’t great.
  2. AutoMotion Plus highlights unnatural 2D effects for movies and shows.

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