Ganer Camera Settings (2021) – Rocket League

Let’s face it, getting your camera settings right is the first step to becoming a Rocket League great. Many amateur players spend hours upon hours trying to figure this out. Sadly, many don’t even come close.

How about we show you the settings of one of the greats? That should help sort out this problem. In this post, we take a look at Ganer Camera Settings.

Ganer Camera Settings (Updated)

Have you had sleepless nights over getting your camera settings right? We have the best solution for you. Ganer’s camera settings. When you check through, you can tweak yours where there is a need to.

  • Camshake – No
  • FOV – 107
  • Distance – 200
  • Height – 70
  • Angle – -5
  • Stiffness – 0.15
  • Swivel – 10
  • Ballcam –Toggle

If you think that Ganer has altered his settings recently, you can reach out to us. Make use of the communication channels on our page. Now, let’s make some comparisons.

Ganer’s Camera Settings vs. Experts’ Opinion

Camera settings can be very tricky, especially in RLC. This is why the experts present players with their opinion. The challenge is that this opinion doesn’t work for everyone.

Many players, including Ganer, have their preferences. Some of these preferences deviate from the norm by the experts but it doesn’t matter as long as success is achieved. Let’s compare Ganer’s settings to what the experts feel.

Camera stiffness – This setting refers to how stiff or loose your camera is as it follows your vehicle. Zoom speeds spike with low values which makes it very difficult to follow your vehicle, especially during turns. Hanging by your car is easier with higher values. It makes it seem like your camera is fixed to your car with an iron bar. Experts believe the best value is 0.43 by Ganer differs by using 0.15.

Camera height – With this setting, you alter the height of your game cam in relation to your car. When you have a high viewpoint, there is a potential for challenges with control. This is because you might not be able to figure out the height of the ball. While this parameter is based on what the player is comfortable with, experts think it should sit on 110. Ganer is so far from this value as he uses 70.

Camera distance – This parameter is the real distance between the camera and your vehicle. Different players have specific preferences for this feature. The greater the value, the more or your surrounding and the ball you get to see. Large distances improve overview but experts agree that on average, you should stick with 270. Ganer, again, doesn’t agree as he prefers to use 200.

Camera shake – This feature comes active by default. Just about every pro player disables camera shake for very obvious reasons. It causes chaos and is very distracting. Leaving it active gives you a lot more work to do while playing. Ganer finally agrees with the experts on this point as he disables camera shake.

More on Ganer

Currently, not much is known about Ganer other than he is a top RLC player. He likes to lead a private life. Once we get more details, you’d be the first to know.

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