Best Handbrake Settings For DVD (2021)

Handbrake is a certified video encoder software that is capable of turning virtually any video format that is available to a range of current and extensively supported codecs. You can use handbrake to perform lots of functions, like, compression of video size, lower quality, altering formats, and inclusion of subtitles, among other numerous functions it performs.

A handbrake is a handy tool, and it is free and open-source. You can use the hand brake to compress large videos into something sizeable, and the quality will not be questionable. Handbrakes usually work by making use of presets; this will cause you to convert your media collections.

Best Handbrake Settings For DVD

Handbrake tools are free, and you should know how to use them. You might be wondering how to perform a right handbrake setting that you can apply for your DVD; if you are, then this manual is for you. This manual will cover the picture settings, quality settings, among other settings for your media files.

Setting The Handbrake

Handbrake Picture Settings

In other, for you to set your handbrake picture, the first thing is to reduce the size (dimensions) of your movie. You should click on the “keep aspect ratio” pane to change the picture width settings; then, other settings will be performed too, and the picture will maintain a similar aspect ratio as the source movie. If you want to get a widescreen film, you should set the width to 720 or 1080.

You will find four items in the “anamorphic” pop-up frame. The strict option sustains the conformity of the aspect ratios of the original film. Then, the loose settings change the sizes so that the handbrake will more professionally encode the movie. If you want to style a custom video size, you should select Custom. 

Generally, handbrake will try to crop by removing black bars from the picture. If you notice the trimming doesn’t suit you, do it yourself.

Handbrake Quality Settings

In other to perform handbrake video quality settings, the video quality setting is quite open to testing. Still, the most reasonable thing we recommend is to do a constant quality encoding, and typically, around 55% (or an RF of 22) will make you save a lot of space as imaginable. However, it will still be almost “transparent” or unnoticeable from the original when you see it. 

Then, we recommend that if you have a kind of subtle eyes that you may move it closer to about 59%, or if you notice that you did not feel the difference, you can slide it down more to save more space. You should also try 55% because it works perfectly too. 

Best Handbrake Settings For DVD Movie Library

In other to carry out your video settings, the first thing you will do is to select the MP4 file container. Then, the video codec is H.264, and you should check the average Bite rate (kbps) and feed 1400. 

Then, in other, for you to carry out the audio settings, you should ensure that the audio codec is AAC. You should ensure that mixdown is still Dolby Pro Logic II. Then, the sample rate you will use should be Auto or 48, and then the bit rate should be 160. 

With the explanation above, you will be able to convert DVD collections to a computer. Then, the quality will remain constant. Enjoy your movie!