How to Reset Fitbit Blaze to Factory Settings (2021)

Is your Fitbit Blaze malfunctioning? Are you experiencing any issues out of the normal with your Fitbit Blaze? This shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

By simply resetting the device, you should have it running normally soon. In case you are thinking that this may take a long time, we’ve got good news for you. You can complete the process in just 20 seconds. In this post, we will teach you how to reset your Fitbit Blaze very quickly. 

How to Reset Fitbit Blaze to Factory Settings

Common issues with the Fitbit Blaze

Before we discuss how to reset a Fitbit Blaze, let’s first talk about the most common problems you may experience. There are several issues that you are likely to experience when using a Fitbit Blaze. We have discussed the most common below:

Syncing issues

Usually, you sync your Blaze with an Android device using Bluetooth. However, this technology may experience glitches. As a result, the device and your Blaze wouldn’t sync. 

Not receiving notifications

In some cases, the tracker may not receive notifications from your Android device. This can be very troubling since you have to check your Android device each time. The easiest way to solve this problem is resetting the Fitbit Blaze. We will discuss how to do this later on.

Charging failure

Most of us have gotten so accustomed to using our Fitbit Blaze devices. We hardly want them to run out of power. Thankfully, you can always charge the device. What happens when the device isn’t charging? An easy way to fix this problem is to switch to a new cable or clean up your Blaze.

Quick View Problems

Your Blaze comes with an interesting feature known as “Quick View.” With this feature, you can wake the device display by raising your wrist. This makes using the device pretty easy especially on-the-go. What happens when this feature doesn’t work? One of the solutions is to reset your Fitbit Blaze.

Updating issues

You are meant to update your Blaze’s firmware periodically. It is common for users to have issues with updating the firmware. If you are experiencing this issue, then you may need to restart or reset your Fitbit Blaze. 

How to reset your Fitbit Blaze to factory settings

We have discussed a number of problems that could occur with your Fitbit Blaze. As with many other devices, one of the easiest fixes is to reset the device to factory settings. The challenge with Blaze is that resetting it to factory settings is impossible.

So what do you do? It is pretty simple. You need to delete it from your Fitbit account. After this, erase all the messages that are associated with the Blaze on your account. This will help you wipe the device clean of any data.

We understand that this might seem a little complicated. As such, we have split the process into steps to make it easier to understand. Check the steps out below:

Step 1 – Hold down the right-lower and left-hand buttons simultaneously.

Step 2 – Ensure that you hold both buttons down for between 10 and 12 seconds.

Step 3 – By now, you should see the Fitbit logo on the Blaze’s screen. It is possible that the device will also vibrate.

Step 4 – Release both buttons.

There you go, you have just restarted your Fitbit Blaze. It should be working properly now and you shouldn’t be having any issues. In some cases, doing this may not fix the problem. If this happens, we suggest that you reach out to Fitbit’s support team. They are pretty reliable and should help you solve the problem very quickly.