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Born Mariano Arruda on November 9, 2000, SquishyMuffinz is a Canadian Rocket League player who started out in 2015 with the beta version of the Rocket League. After forming an unsuccessful team, Iris, with Lachinio and Torment in November 2016, he later formed “The Muffin Men” with Torment and Gimmick. This team later finished first in the DreamHack Atlanta.

Squishy stands out as a Rocket League player due to his excellent mechanical abilities and consistency — qualities he attributed to making do with only Free Play in his earliest playing days due to his inability to access the Internet at the time.

squishymuffinz camera settings

SquishyMuffinz Camera Settings

If you’re an aspiring Rocket League player looking to try out some amazing camera settings, then Squishy is one of the pros you should consider copying from. Below is a list of Squishy’s favorite settings for camera shake, height, field of view (FOV), distance, angle, stiffness, swivel speed, and ball camera.

  • Camera shake: No
  • FOV: 110
  • Height: 90/100
  • Angle: -5.0
  • Distance: 250/270
  • Stiffness: 45
  • Swivel speed: 8.00
  • Transition speed: 1.00
  • Ball camera: Toggle

Note that SquishyMuffinz, like some other professional players in the Rocket League, does change his camera settings from time to time. And that’s why some settings have more than one value listed for them. If you think these settings have changed or need to be updated, kindly contact us using the channels listed on our contact page.

Squishy’s Camera Settings vs. Experts’ Opinion

Camera height: This setting determines the height of the camera relative to the ball. While it is set depending on the player’s preference, experts agree with anything between 100 and 130, with the average being 110. But SquishyMuffinz begs to differ here — he sets the camera height at either 90 or 100.

Camera Stiffness: This means how loose your camera is as you follow your car. At the lowest level, the camera will zoom very quickly at top speeds. The higher you set your stiffness, the easier it will be to follow your car’s movement. Experts use an average camera stiffness of 0.43. But anything between 0.40 and 0.50 is within the right ballpark.

Camera angle: This determines you’re camera’s view of your car. While most experts want to set it so they can see as much of the terrain as they can, they avoid opting for the bird’s eye view. So, most agree with -3 as the best setting. Squishy prefers -5, though.

Swivel speed: This value indicates how sensitive your camera is, and how fast it should swivel during use. While some prefer to slow it down to gain better control, others who want to see as quickly as possible prefer to bend quickly. Experts agree on an average of 5.3, but Squishy opts for 8.00, instead.

Ball cam toggle: With this setting, you can decide whether to simply activate the ball cam automatically or to activate the cam by holding down a button. The latter option is somewhat cumbersome for most people, so they opt for “Toggle”. Squishy goes with the crown on this.

Squishy’s Gaming Setup

There’s more to mastering the game like SquishyMuffinz than learning and implementing his settings alone. If you want to be a real pro like him, then a smart move is to use the exact gaming gear he uses:

Squishy’s controller: Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller (PS4)

Squishy’s monitor: BenQ ZOWIE 24.5-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor

More on SquishyMuffinz

Squishy runs a YouTube channel, where he posts highlights of his games. He plays with a dual-shock controller on a Benq XL2540 monitor.

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