Best JBL Speaker Bass Settings (2021)

JBL is one of the best manufacturers of speakers in the world. JBL speakers are known for their powerful sound and many other amazing incorporated features.

How do you get the best sound from your JBL speakers? Even though these speakers are among the best in the world, you need to understand the settings. That is why we have gone through the pain of getting the best JBL speaker bass settings.

After reading this, you should be able to adjust your JBL bass settings to get the best sound. Ready? Let’s dive straight in.

best jbl speaker bass settings

Best Bass Settings for JBL Speakers

Basically, we will be showing you how to adjust the volume settings. With this, you’ll be able to get the best bass settings for your JBL speaker. For our tests, we used the JBL Flip 4. However, we believe that this setting will work across the different JBL speakers available.

Adjusting the volume depends on the app from which you are playing your music. You get access to volume and equalizer adjustment controls on most apps. However, Flip 4 has a pair of volume control buttons located on the top side.

Let’s show you how to adjust volume settings on the speaker.

Using the Volume Control Buttons

This is very easy to carry out. Take the following steps:

Step 1 – Lay the speaker on your table or any other flat surface with the volume button controls facing you. Asides the volume buttons, other buttons you’ll see include the Play/Pause buttons, and the Bluetooth (On/Off) button.

Step 2 – Adjust the volume settings by tapping any of the + or – buttons. The former increases the volume while the latter does the direct opposite.

Step 3 – There you go, you have your settings right where they suit you. This automatically balances the bass with the mid-range and treble of your music.

Using Siri on iOS

You can activate Siri on the Flip 4 speaker by pressing down the Play/Pause button. This is only achievable if you have paired the speaker with an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. After this, you have to adjust the Play/Pause button function in the JBL Connect app.

Once you have done this, you can tap on this button to switch on Siri. Simply issue a command to increase or reduce the volume of the speaker. To do this, you need to issue the command the way Siri understands it. Siri understands volume or equalizer settings in percentage.

So for example, to have mid-range volume, you can say, “Siri, set volume 50 percent.” This gives you volume 50. The same goes for the bass settings. All you need to do is issue the command thus, Siri set bass 50 percent.

There are shortcuts to achieving this. You can simply say any of the following:

  1. Mute bass. This will kill all the bass in the music.
  2. Half bass. Sets bass at 50 percent.
  3. Set bass full. Gives you the maximum bass setting.

Using the Bluetooth Source Device

It is possible to adjust the volume and bass settings using the source device paired with the speaker. This means that you can achieve this via a paired Android device, PC, or another player. It is important to note that you should keep your speaker volume at 50 percent to avoid distortion.

So here’s how to adjust sound using an external Bluetooth source device.

Step 1 – Pair the device with your JBL speaker. This is quite simple. Put on the speaker and tap on the Bluetooth button to make sure it is on. Next search for the speaker on your device and pair. After pairing, you can connect the device to the speaker.

Step 2 – Start playing the music from the source. This means that you can stream from YouTube, audiobook, Spotify, or your music player.

Step 3 – Now, adjust your sound and bass settings using the equalizer on your device.

There you go, now you have your volume and bass settings for your JBL speaker. When adjusting your settings, make sure that choose exactly what suits you. In the end, there is nothing like the best settings. It is what suits you that matters.

Note that there is a lag period in terms of volume changes when using a Bluetooth source device. This is because of a phenomenon known as latency resulting from the delay of commands passing through the Bluetooth airwaves.


Now you know how to adjust your bass and volume settings on your JBL speaker. With this, you can get the best JBL speaker bass settings. Did we leave anything out? Hit us up via the comments section.

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