Best Picture Settings for Samsung 6201 (2021)

Samsung is known for producing quality TVs with great attributes. The 6201 series is no different as this TV presents you with several amazing qualities including great pictures.

Now that you have your dream Samsung TV, you are faced with a new challenge. You need to figure out the best picture settings for optimal picture quality. Doing this is going to take a lot of time.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. After several tests, we have put together the best picture settings for Samsung 6201 in this post. You can adapt these for your new TV to enjoy the best pictures.

best picture settings for samsung 6201

Best Samsung 6201 Picture Settings

We know how challenging it can be trying to figure out the best picture calibration settings for your TV. After all, it took us a while to get ours. We are willing to share them with you so that you don’t go through the same challenge.

These picture calibration settings should work for just about any content you want to view. You might need to tweak the picture settings a little if you are gaming or using the TV as a computer monitor. Now, let’s get to the settings.

Picture Mode Settings

There are four picture modes on this TV and they include:

  1. Dynamic
  2. Standard
  3. Natural
  4. Movie

We suggest that you select the Movie mode. Our reason is that it is the most accurate of the lot and it offers you more in terms of customization. Don’t get it twisted, this mode isn’t great for movies alone, it works for sports and shows as well.

After choosing your picture mode, you need to configure the other settings in this menu. They include:

  1. Backlight – 10
  2. Contrast – 95
  3. Brightness – 45
  4. Sharpness – 0
  5. Color – 50
  6. Tint (G/R) – 50 each.

For some people, the pictures may seem too dim with these settings. In this case, you should adjust the backlight by increasing it a little. Once you have the desired brightness, you can stop increasing. Note that this will have no effect on the quality of your pictures.

Picture Options

In this section, you will adjust the following settings:

  1. Color Tone – Warm2
  2. Digital Clean View – Off
  3. MPEG Noise Filter – Off
  4. HDMI Black Level – Low
  5. Auto Motion Plus – Off

For some individuals, using Warm2 as the color tone isn’t favorable. This is because the colors may seem too red or yellow. If you fall into this category, you can choose a cooler color tone option.

We disabled Auto Motion Plus because we don’t like motion interpolation/soap opera effect. Many people also choose to turn this off. If you are of a different disposition, you can leave it on.

You will notice that we suggested you turn off Digital Clean View. This option helps to smoothen and clean up images. If you are watching recent high-quality content, you don’t need to enable this feature.

Enabling Digital Clean View for already high-quality content will make you lose some of the picture quality. As you know, it is best to view images as close to the intent of the creator as possible. However, if you are viewing low-quality content, you should enable this function. This way, you can enjoy cleaner and smoother content.

Special Viewing Modes

There are times when you want to view different content asides movies and TV shows. For some people, they are okay with using the Movie Picture Mode. However, if you are not satisfied with this option, there are other special options.

We will three important viewing modes in this section.

  1. Sports mode – Most sports lovers believe that this is the best mode for viewing sports content. It also suffices for fast-moving content. What do you get under this option? Brighter images and cooler color temperatures. Along with this, it activates a faster motion response and the Stadium Sound Mode.
  2. Game mode – If you are an ardent gamer, this mode is perfect when gaming. Firstly, it adjusts your TV to a low latency mode. There’s a little challenge, it drops the quality of video graphics a little. For you to activate this mode, you must have plugged in your gaming console. To switch to other modes for other content, you’ll have to switch off the game console or disconnect it.
  3. HDR+ Mode – With this mode, you can view HDR content either on the local apps or from external devices. Some of the external devices include Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and Game consoles. This setting adjusts the contrast ratio and brightness of the TV.

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