Samsung Q70 Settings for Best Performance (2021)

The Samsung brand has been producing electronics for many years now, having produced the best Android phones there are now, producing a great and a good number of other electronic appliances. 

Samsung Q70

The Samsung Q70 TV is not left behind of partaking in the awesomeness Samsung provides. It has a 4K processor that upscales every picture and optimizes every scene and a full array backlight that produces the most beautiful black and white scenes. 

It’s Quantum HDR 8x fine-tune colors and black level to give you the best realistic picture details. You just can’t stop looking at your TV when it is powered: even when you’re not watching TV, it has an ambient mode that displays eye-catchy images or news at a glance. 

Samsung Q70 Settings

Samsung Q70 Settings for Best Performance

Paying attention to details when setting up your TV for use is very necessary, and that is why we have put together this detailed setting for your Samsung Q70.


HDR is usually enabled automatically for its local app. You would usually see an HDR icon pop up just by the picture mode on the quick setting menu. If the default HDR is too dim, you can make it brighter by increasing Brightness to +5 and setting contrast Enhancer to High. 

Motion Setting

This Setting is usually disabled. You can easily adjust it to get the look you want off your TV. Sometimes, you may need to adjust it with every peculiar content. 

Judder Setting

Set Auto Motion Plus to Custom and set both sliders at 0. This will give you a judder-free 24p content quality. 


Set your picture mode to Movie. This will let you customize it whichever way you want. At Expert Settings, set Contrast at 45, brightness at 0, and sharpness at 0. Set color to default which is 25 and Tint at 0. Your Color Tone should be Warm2 and the Gamma setting should be at 2.2. If you feel like your images are too dim in SDR, adjust the backlight to suit your viewing condition. 

Motion Interpolation

Most times, Motion Interpolation is usually disabled, but you can adjust it in the Auto Motion Plus Setting. Set Auto Motion Plus to Custom and adjust the Blur Reduction to 60 frames per second.

Intelligent Mode Setting

Enable Adaptive Sounds and Check TV Space settings to test sounds. Disable Adaptive Volume, you do not your TV volume to depend on the content’s volume. 

Screen Settings

When you are watching content with lower resolution, adjust the Screen Position, Zoom, and Picture Size from the Picture Size Settings sub-menu. 


If you are using your TV as a screen for gaming, the first thing you want to do is enable Game Mode. Also, you can leave your Game Mode Setting at Auto so that your TV can easily detect when you’re playing a game and automatically switch its mode. 

Set FreeSync to Basic or Ultimate for best results. Although Ultimate provides the most effective FreeSync range, it usually is incompatible with some games. In a case where it is incompatible, the Basic works great. 

Also, for your Game Mode Motion Interpolation, enable Game Mode Motion Plus and adjust the sliders to suit your preference. The LED Clear Motion Setting enables the Black Frame Insertion feature. The Blur Reduction slider enables interpolation of content up to q20 frame per second and the Judder Reduction Slider allows for up to 60 frames per second. 

If you are connecting your TV to a PC for the game, the Samsung Q70 is well able to detect that and automatically enter PC mode so that you can have the best chroma 4:4:4 support. 

With this Settings, your Q70 is set and ready to give you the best of its performance while you use it.

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