Best Astro A40 TR Mixamp Settings (2021)

Astro A40 TR Mix amp is quite popular among gamers or tech lovers as it comes with the Astro A40 wired headset. The Astro A40 mix amp is a 2019 upgrade to the Astro series that has been in use for over a decade.

The mix amp has the added advantage of being able to power up.

Best Astro A40 TR Mixamp Settings

even when connected to a phone charger and not your game console or pc giving it an ideal quality for gaming, and general use.

This article highlights the features for Astro A40 TR Mix amp best settings, and how to optimize the mix amp to get the best settings for users’ maximum entertainment and satisfaction. 

Best settings for Astro A40 TR Mixamp

Professionals have recommended settings to get the best for Astro A40 TR Mixamp despite the intended usage. Sharing these best Astro A40 TR Mixamp settings from experts is not enough to stop you from trying your hands on the settings, as each user has a different experience and settings that are more suited to their ears.

 To move ahead, make sure you download the Astro Command center from their website and update your firmware to access the equalizer settings. 

 The preset library of equalizer settings has four settings namely Astro, Balance, Natural Bass, and Tournament, each with five frequencies to modify. The frequencies are 130Hz, 782Hz, 1867Hz, 4618Hz, and 13835Hz.

  All settings in this article would be on the Astro preset equalizer setting, all the other preset equalizers are left on the default settings.

For the Play station 4

For optimum audio, use the Dolby enabled settings with the volume knob turned around the 11 and 12o clock direction.

For the attached equalizer setting, take the 130Hz slider at 95db to a negative 7db while leaving the other equalizer setting slider (782Hz, 1867Hz, 4618Hz, and 13835Hz) at the Astro default setting. Taking the 95Hz to a negative setting limits the excessive bass in the background thereby increasing the footstep noise.

If you want to tweak the advanced settings, even more, you can adjust the bandwidths and frequency for a better result

Bandwidth                      1.9xcF                 2.2xcF                     1.8xcF

Frequency               -7db             -2db            -1db            7db             1db

For the Call of Duty (COD) Games

COD Warzone

The best setting for the COD Warzone amplifies the gun loading and footsteps sounds. It is called sound whoring and makes the sound amplifies, the only drawback with this setting is the automated sounds are weird when heard. The frequency sliders are set at;

Frequency               -2db             -2db            2db             5db             2db

COD Modern Warfare

The best setting for the COD Modern Warfare is slightly different. It adds more bass to the voice to make it sound more authentic while still making the gun loading and footsteps sounds quite intense. The frequency sliders for the Astro equalizer settings are;

Frequency               4db             -1db            4db             7db             1db

COD Cold War

For the COD Cold war game that has zombie mode, the settings are a bit different to get the best experience from the game; the only drawback is that footsteps sounds aren’t so prominent. The frequency sliders are set at;

Frequency               5db              6db             4db             6db             5db 


Astro A40 TR Mixamp is an awesome top-notch mix amp for the Astro A40 headset that serves the gamer perfectly. Should you need it for any of your gaming audio needs, purchasing it is a great choice. However, you have the settings in your hands to explore at your will as you desire if you do not wish to use the company preset equalizer settings. So while this article helps with the recommended best settings for the Astro A40 TR Mixamp, feel free to explore the settings options best suited for you for maximum optimizations.