Best Call of Duty Modern Warfare Settings (2021)

If you are a follower of the Call of Duty franchise, then you must have heard of Modern Warfare. It is the most famous of all the games in the series. This game comes with several gameplay modes and finding the best settings is quite difficult.

Not to worry, we will sort out this problem in this post. After reading this post, you should know your way around the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare Settings.

Best Call of Duty Modern Warfare Settings

The first settings that you need to optimize are the “General Settings.” This includes keyboard controls and other sensitivities. Choosing your sensitivity level is a personal decision. 

It is always best to stick to what works for you best. This is why we are not providing any specific figures here. However, we suggest that you work with a low “ADS.” This helps you to achieve more exact movements and precise aim.

  • Automatic Airborne Missile – Enabled.
  • Crouch Behaviour – Toggle.
  • Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch – Enabled
  • Equipment Behavior – Hold
  • Prone Behaviour – Toggle.
  • Slide Behaviour – Tap.
  • Sprint/ Tactical Behaviour – Hold.
  • Weapons Mount Exit Display – About 100
  • Weapon Switch Wrap Around – Enabled

Best Call of Duty Modern Warfare Settings

Mouse and Keyboard Settings

Let’s take a brief look at the different mouse and keyboard settings for Modern Warfare.

  • Mouse sensitivity – It is best to keep this low. This makes it easier to use your mouse for movement. If you are making use of a smaller mouse pad, then you can raise the value.
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity – Choose the “legacy setting.” This is the best if you are already used to other games in the Call of Duty franchise. If you are not, then you should make this setting lower than the normal sensitivity.
  • Mouse filtering, smoothing, and acceleration – Off.
  • Inverse Mouse Look – Off.

Video Settings

The video settings are very important. This is because they help you decide how you want to view your game. One of the things to consider here is the frames per second that your game runs on. You don’t need fancy video settings, what you need is top-notch performance. Check out the general video settings below:

  • ADS Field of View – Affected
  • FOV – It is best to put it at the highest possible before the PC screen appears distorted. Doing this helps to widen the image on the screen. For many players, the higher the FOV settings, the better. However, some others argue that when it is too high, it may result in the “fish-eye effect.”
  • Brightness – It should be slightly bright since this game has a dark theme.
  • HUD Bounds – Reduce this to lower the mess around the screen.
  • Display – Fullscreen.
  • Aspect ratio – Automatic. However, you can choose the aspect ratio of your current display.
  • Render Resolution – 100. When it is higher than this, the game begins to upscale which affects performance negatively.
  • Frame rate Limit – Crank this up as high as possible. This will help you achieve a more stable frame rate.
  • V-Sync – Disabled. This is a very important aspect of the video settings for Modern Warfare. It helps you to sync your monitor and frame rate.

Other video settings include:

  • Particle quality – Low.
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic – Low.
  • Texture Resolution – Low.
  • Bullet Impacts – Disabled. 
  • Tessellation – Near.

Lighting and Shadow settings

Working out the settings in this section will have a huge impact on your gameplay. It will also reduce the possible drain that your PC will experience and provide you with a better frame rate. The good news is that they don’t affect visual fidelity so much.

  • Ambient Occlusion – Doesn’t matter.
  • Cache Spot Shadows – Disabled
  • Cache Sun Shadows – Disabled
  • DirectX RayTracing – Disabled
  • Particle Lighting – Normal
  • Screen Space Reflection (SSR) – Low
  • Shadow Map Resolution – Low


There you go with the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare settings. What do you think we left out? Share with us in the comments section.