Best Audio Settings for Modern Warfare (2021)

One of the keys to success when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting the audio settings right. You need to understand and be able to register the audio, especially the sound from footsteps.

In order to help you get better at this game, we have put together the settings in this post. You should note that audio settings are based on preference. But it is wise to try out what works for other players. With this, you can make a few tweaks to suit your style.

best audio settings for modern warfare

Main Audio Settings for Modern Warfare

The chief audio settings on this game include:

  1. Music volume
  2. Master volume
  3. Audio mix
  4. Effects volume
  5. Dialogue volume.

The audio mix isn’t on a scale of 0 – 100, different from all the others. It is also the dictator of the sound quality of your game. This setting focuses more on how you hear footsteps during gameplay.

Many of the top players of this game, use very similar Audio Mix settings. They leave it at “Boost High.” These players also share similar levels for many other settings. For example, they leave Effects, Dialogue, and Master Volumes at “High” while they decrease “Music Volume.”

Best Modern Warfare Audio Settings (Updated)

Before go ahead, these are the values for the principal audio settings discussed above:

  1. Audio Mix: Boost High
  2. Master Volume: 85
  3. Music Volume: 20
  4. Dialogue Volume: 100
  5. Effects Volume: 100

To get a balance, we had to check out the audio settings of several gamers. The aim of this is to ensure that you are able to optimize your settings for the best results.

All the top professional streamers we viewed uses Boost High for Audio Mix. The explanation for this is that it allows you to hear the footsteps (high-frequency sounds) better. It also creates a balance between the footsteps and the explosions (these are lower sounds).

In case you are wondering why we keep hammering on hearing footsteps, here’s why. Hearing footsteps help you know how close your enemies are. This means you are alert to enemy attacks and you are able to respond promptly.

Hearing the killstreaks and explosions is great but you cannot eat your cake and have it. If you are going to boost footsteps, you’ll lose the grandiose sound of the killstreaks and explosions. The latter does not influence your success as a player so you can let them go.

One of the top players, JackFrags, argues that this shouldn’t be so. Instead, players can decide what they prefer. He discovered that sound dampening may, however, affect footsteps. As a result, he suggests that players who want to enjoy the best audio should use “Home Theater” systems. This gives better audio consistency.

Some players prefer to leave game music at zero (0). Others prefer a little drama and raise it up to about 20. At the end of the day, there isn’t anything like the best audio settings for Modern Warfare. It is about what you are comfortable with.

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