Best Settings to Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile (2021)

PUBG Mobile is a fun game to play. However, figuring out the settings can be quite confusing. For most players, the most difficult aspect of the settings if finding how to spot enemies.

The default settings of this game are great but tweaking them a little makes you play better. In this post, we will be sharing some secrets on the best settings to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile. Ready?

best settings to spot enemies in pubg mobile

Best Settings to Improve Enemy Visibility in PUBG Mobile

Even in real life, it is important to be able to spot your enemies before they spot you. It is just as important when playing PUBG Mobile. If you can achieve this, it will dramatically improve your gameplay.

What are the best settings for enemy visibility in PUBG? The first thing to do is to optimize your game. This way, your game is ready for the visibility settings. Now, here are the settings:

Brightness – It is always better to increase the brightness a little. Many top players prefer to leave it around 60 or 70. The adventurous ones may take it higher or lower, but as a beginner, you can start with these values.

Shadows – If you leave the value for this too low, then the indoor shadows end up being brighter than they should be. Avoiding them altogether now makes them blocky and appear pixelated. This is exactly what you’ll get when the settings are very low. The lower the settings, the brighter the inner shadows are, which is great for gameplay. This makes it impossible for enemies to hide.

Post-processing – You should also supply a very low value for this setting. When you do, it helps you take off some of the ambient occlusion. As a result, the in-game colors become flatter. When the colors are flatter, spotting enemies becomes a walk in the park.

View distance – It is important to have a very long view so that you can have a clear picture of what is around. The best setting for this is “ULTRA.” It works best for buildings and you should set it at “maximum.” With this setting, you’ll always be aware of what is lurking around.

FpsCameraFov – This setting is for FFP alone. What it does is to alter the field of view for the “first-person play.” This setting plays a huge role in determining how much you’ll see on your screen. According to the experts, the more field of view you have, the more you’ll see. This is good if you need to see your enemies early while playing.

However, if the field of view value is too large, then what is in front of you may be too small. This means that you must figure out where the balance is. The default value for FOV is 80, many players stick to this. However, some players prefer to use 103, the widest setting available. This means, your FOV value is a matter of choice.


Note that Reshade is no longer allowed on PUBG Mobile. Instead of this, you should make use of NVIDIA Digital Vibrance. This helps to improve visibility and makes it easy to spot enemies.

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