Rainbow Six Siege Equalizer Settings for Best Audio (2021)

Audio works differently in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege compared with other FPS (first-person shooter) games. This is primarily due to the game’s dependency on audio and the short routes by which sounds travel within the game. 

Cracks within walls, holes created from a blast, and close-up shots produce impressive sound effects that can’t be appreciated with mere custom settings.

As such, a good equalizer setting can set your audio apart by giving you access to enemy footsteps and position. You’ll also gain a high level of awareness of shots and explosions. 

Rainbow Six Siege Equalizer Settings For Best Audio

Rainbow Six Siege Equalizer Settings for Best Audio

Before you venture into adjusting the equalizer for better audio, the first and most crucial step is to use a headset and not external speakers. 

This is because room acoustics and surrounding noise might affect audio quality. According to Prosettings, the five best headsets for Tom clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege are: 

  • ASTRO A40

The custom equalizer settings on these gears are trusted and effective.

The next thing is to select the best Audio mode. In the dynamic range category, the game allows three major settings:

  • TV
  • Night Mode
  • Hi-FI

For judging sound distance, Hi-Fi is the best option. Hence, you can take advantage of a wide volume range. TV makes it easier to pick quiet sounds. Footsteps are also better appreciated in this mode. Night mode, on the other hand, is more or less like the TV but does a better job. If you stick to speakers, this is the mode for you.

Now, to equalize, trust your ears and follow these steps.

The red line on the equalizing bar indicates 0. Hence, the bands at 0dB are literally non-functioning. Do a little test run by adjusting the band up to 0.5 or 1dB. Your headset, speaker, and sound perception will give you the needed level.

For lower bass, adjust up to 2-3dB for 60 to 100hz. Any unclear section between 300 and 500hz can be reduced to 2-2.5dB max. The interesting thing is that reducing frequency gain might have less effect than increasing it by an equal amount of dB.

If you wish to boost any frequency, use the pre-amp to reduce the overall volume. This will allow you to boost without exceeding the baseline. Activating the ‘prevent clipping’ feature is also helpful in this regard. 

To determine the higher frequencies of footsteps, a significant sound feature in Rainbow Six Siege, move the entire equalizer. These frequencies are usually around 2kHz and 8kHz. It would be best if you were careful while equalizing at this rate, as moving the equalizer totally might affect other game sounds.

To complement, endeavor to test and adjust the operating system mic volume in relation to the game’s sound settings. Activate the press and talk, which could help minimize unwanted background noise.

To sum it up

We all have different sound perceptions, but suitable hardware settings can level the playing field. Get a good headset, turn off distractions and equalize your way to victory.

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