Best Rocket League Deadzone Settings (2021)

How much do you play Rocket League? If you are a newbie then you probably haven’t heard of Rocket League Deadzone settings. Not to worry, we wrote this post to help you. 

Best Rocket League Deadzone Settings

Many top players make use of these settings to enhance their mechanical gameplay. As a novice, you need to access the best Rocket League Deadzone settings. We will discuss these in this post but first, some basic explanation.

Defining Rocket League Deadzone

In simple terms, a Deadzone is an input area from the joystick of your controller. Usually, the system ignores this input. To break it down, with this setting you can decide how much input your analog stick can have on your game. It is also known as Rocket League Controller Deadzone.

Basically, when you move your joystick within a Deadzone, there shouldn’t be changes on your screen. The settings are always between 0.00 and 1.00. For better understanding, the deadzone in Rocket League is also known as the “radial deadzone.”

Best Rocket League Controller Deadzone Settings Explained

Now that you know what the deadzone settings are, let’s explain the best settings in Rocket League. Usually, the settings have 0.3 as the default value. The implication of this is that you need to tilt your joystick 30 percent before your car responds.

Deadzone is always in a circle. As such, the higher or lower the value you provide, the wider the circle of influence. The smaller the circle of influence, the more sensitivity you will enjoy. 

Some players like to make quick turns while playing. If you fall into this category, then you should reduce the value considerably. Many novices prefer playing around with the settings until they can get the best-suited value. However, many pro Rocket League players make use of between 0.05 and 0.15.

What do we suggest? We think you should work with 0.15 (15 percent). Why? Because it is far easier to control your car this way. 

Dodge Deadzone Settings

This refers to a value that you set to determine the extent you should pull your joystick for a complete dodge. The default value is 0.5 means that you need to pull your joystick about 50 percent to complete a dodge. 

If you set the dodge deadzone to 0.00, every slight move will result in a directional dodge. However, with 1.00, you need to move your analog stick all the way before you effect a dodge. The values are between 0.00 and 1.00 and the higher your settings, the easier it is to complete dodges. 

Best Rocket League Players Deadzone Settings

There isn’t really a “best Rocket League Deadzone setting.” You should play with what you are most comfortable with. In this section, we take a look at the deadzone settings of some of the best Rocket League Players in the world.

Player Deadzone Shape Deadzone Dodge Deadzone
.Saucy Cross 0.05 0.55
Abdulaziz Cross 0.07 0.60
AbsorbentKarma Cross 0.13 0.73
AcroniK Cross 0.05 0.5
B00M Cross 0.05 0.20
B2seL Cross 0.05 0.70
Ballerrees Square 0.05 0.05
BananaMan Square 0.03 0.50
Chicago Cross 0.10 0.70
ChiefWalrusfist Cross 0.10 0.72
Chronic Cross 0.08 0.62
Chrome Cross 0.70 1.30
Daisu Cross 0.05 0.75
Dappur Cross 0.05 0.50
Emre Cross 0.10 0.80
Eversax Cross 0.07 0.65
ExoTiik Cross 0.20 0.80
Falss Cross 0.04 0.65
Fearless Cross 0.05 0.45

The list goes on and on. From the table above, you should have noticed that there isn’t a specific figure for your Deadzone settings. However, the most common value is 0.05. Like we stated earlier, you can decide on your value depending on what suits you.