Best Equalizer Settings for Pioneer AVH (2021)

Pioneer happens to be one of the best car stereo brands you can find around the globe. The brand provides you with quality audio car radios and speakers, particularly for entertainment. Are you in doubt of what shape, size, or quality of the car stereo to purchase? Look no further because pioneer is the best plug with premium satisfaction. Pioneer provides you with amplifiers, speakers, radios, etc. 

Best Equalizer Settings for Pioneer AVH

Pioneer AVH happens to be a car stereo receiver which is also a product of pioneer. Now, pioneer AVH comes in various series which includes: 

Pioneer multimedia, Pioneer AVH-1550NEX, AVH 512EX, AVH 221EX, AVH 3500NEX, DVD receivers, etc. I forgot to mention that pioneer was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto who established a Japanese multinational company named Pioneer Cooperation that is situated in Tokyo, Japan, and deals mainly in digital entertainment products.

Best Equalizer Settings For Pioneer AVH

When you get a pioneer AVH radio. There are two choices for set up, which includes:

  • Network mode
  • Standard mode

However, we will be focused on the best equalizer settings for pioneers. I will walk you through the input setups for the best equalizer settings. For the equalizer to function, we have got to have some form of functioning sources and I’ll pick a radio FM.

– On the homepage below the settings icon, tap on EQ.

– You will be directed to the EQ page.

Note: The equalizer has bands starting at 13hz to 12.5k. High frequencies are by the right-hand side while soft frequencies are by the left-hand side and mid ranges at the middle.

– The equalizer has five precepts which are A bass, powerful, natural, vocal, and flat. Kindly, click on the precept you want. However, I will walk you through how each precept works for music.

  1. S bass: It affects the speakers of your car.
  2. Powerful: It is a default setting that comes out of a box. If you are a Twitter person and want loud music. Then, this is a pretty good option.
  3. Natural: It is good for quiet music.
  4. Vocal: It is great when you are listening to the radio.
  5. Flat: It is a good place to start if you have no idea what you are doing in a custom setting. EQs are made to have fun however they can screw up the system.

– After you are done with EQ, you move over to the next option which is fader/balance, and ensure the dot is at the middle of the front, left, right and rear. Allow the dot to remain in the middle.

– The next is source is the source-level adjuster. It is used to attenuate all the other sources to the FM. More especially if you are playing a radio station or music over Bluetooth and you notice, it is quiet. You can go to the source-level adjuster and turn it up.

– The subwoofer is the next option. It is used to prevent someone from doing a rumble pop-up when you are seeing a movie on a touch screen.

– The next is speaker level, kindly make the necessary adjustments that suit you.

– Crossover which is the next option enables you to do what amplifiers will do. To achieve this:

  1. First, turn on your subwoofer.
  2. Turn on the HPF(High pass front) and adjust it to 100Hz with a slope of -24DB/oct
  3. Turn on the LPF(Low pass front) and adjust it to 50Hz with a slope of -12DB/oct.
  4. Do the same for the rear, adjust it to 200Hz with a slope of -6DB/oct

– Adjust your time alignment precept. That enables you to know how far/close you are to the speaker. The number by your left should be negative while the numbers by your right positive.

The above-mentioned settings should be focused on achieving great equalizer settings for pioneer AVH.