Best Settings for Sony A9

Sony has over the years consistently stunned its users and the world at large with the second-to-none electronics they produce, steadily keeping up with the world’s evolution pace. Always using the latest technology in place, they produce the best TV, cameras, and other electronic appliances. 

In a desire to produce just another quality camera, Sony produces the A9, a camera in their Alpha series with features like the ones found in A7 with few different features. 

The Sony A9

The Sony A9 camera is the first camera in the world with a non-blackout continuous shooting at 20 frames per second. Its battery can stay put while you take about 480 shots shooting still images in Viewfinder and about 650 shots shooting still images in the LCD monitor. With the silent design of the Sony A9, you are sure of vibration and noise-free shooting sessions. 

Best Settings for Sony A9

Best Settings for Sony A9

To get the best results out of your Sony A9, it is expedient that you are aware of the best program setting for the camera. While almost all the Sony Alpha cameras can work with similar settings, there are still peculiarities to each of them. 

For the best Sony A9 results, pay attention to the following Settings:

Camera Mode

The Aperture priority mode has been proven to work best with this camera. It has an edge over other camera modes, seeing that it allows the camera to make other exposure calculations by itself. 

Drive Mode

This camera has a dial fully dedicated to its Drive Mode located at the top left of the camera which allows you to just turn the dial to whichever mode suits your shooting situation. 

Focus Area

The Settings available on this are wide, zone, flexible spot (small, medium, and large), expanded flexible spot, and Lock-On AF. For best results, set Focus Area on Flexible Spot or Zone when shooting still images. When shooting moving pictures, set the Focus Area to Lock-On AF. 

Exposure Compensation

0.0 works perfectly with the Aperture priority mode.


Selecting Auto lets Sony aptly chooses your ISO for you to fit with your shooting mode. The best minimal setting is 100 and the best maximum Setting is 6400. Apart from finding the minimum and maximum option in the ISO Setting, you can also set the minimum shutter speed in ISO Auto mode. 

Metering Mode 

Multi works best. If you are working on a more difficult subject, you can use Spot Metering. 

Creative Style

Usually, creative Style is not necessary when shooting in RAW. Leave it at standard. 

Flash Mode

Keep it on AutoFlash Compensation 0.0

White Balance

Just like for a lot of Sony cameras, the Auto White Balance (AWB) is the best setting for the White Balance. 


Shoot in RAW for best results. 

Shoot Mode

Set in on manual to be able to maneuver all your custom settings. 

Flash Mode

Always turn off the Flash Mode while working with your Sony A9.


There are seven saturation settings on the Sony A9, from -3 all the way through to +3. The fact that the saturation settings have a little effect on the camera’s contrast is a good thing. Set the saturation to suit your camera’s shooting mode. 


The Sony A9 can capture at the swiftest speed the sharpest of images. To get the sharpest image with the tiniest and clearest details, set the sharpness at default. 

The Sony A9 camera Setting can always be customized to fit your camera needs per time. The Settings given here would work best to give you the best default image results. In the case of questions and reservations, seek the service of a Sony technician.

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