Sony A6000 Video Settings for Best Quality (2021)

In getting a camera for shooting videos, one must take into consideration the camera with the best picture quality and the clarity of the details the picture presents. Especially in today’s world where the competition for quality is on a high increase, bringing a video with a shabby picture quality to the table will take you out of the market faster than you expected. 

Sony A6000 is the best camera for shooting videos, with its super-swift autofocus, dynamic 24 MP quality, and a very portable design-  mirrorless with a compact size half the size and weight of a normal DSLR and still possesses the same APS-C image sensor as a lot of DSLR. It captures 11 frames per second in continuous shooting mode in an Auto Focus of 179 point phase-detection Autofocus sensor.

Sony A6000 Video Settings

It uses an OLED Tru-Finder™, interchangeable lenses, and manual control yet still produces pictures at the best quality you can ever imagine. It has a moving subject tracking performance that ensures you get a very good video shot even while working with fast action. When it has to do with making videos with the sharpest, clearest, smoothest, and most detailed picture quality, Sony A6000 is second to none.

Best Settings for Sony A6000

With all the very appealing and eye-catchy features of Sony A6000, it may still produce a disastrous result for you if you do not have adequate knowledge with regards to the set up of the camera, and seeing it possesses outstanding features of itself, it may be unwise to use a general setting knowledge to set it up. It possesses features that make it a better camera than others hence, the settings that would work perfectly with others may not meet up to the standard of the Sony A6000.

We have gone through the pains of putting these settings together for you because we are quite particular about you getting full satisfaction for your money while maximizing the full potentials of the Sony A6000 camera.

Video Settings

Flash mode should be left on automatic. That flash is almost unnecessary, especially if using external lightning. The metering mode should be Multi, or if a situation demands it, Spot. Auto White Balance (AWB) works perfectly leaving the flash composition at 0.0. Use AF-A for focus mode: a combination of AF-S and AF-C modes.

Turn off DRO/Auto HDR and leave focus area at M- a flexible spot that works very well for selective focusing. Exposure Compensation should be at 0.0 while leaving Creative Style at standard. It is usually irrelevant when shooting in RAW.

Turn off audio signals, keep the volume at 6, and Finder color temp at 0. Manual monitor brightness works perfectly, so does auto viewfinder brightness.

Camera Settings

Turn off your tile menu and mode dial guide set your delete confirmation to delete first as you do not want to go through the stress of scrolling and scrolling when you need to delete something. Your power saves start time should work pretty well at 1 minute.

Keep the remote Ctrl on for remote control, HDMI resolution on auto, and Ctrl for HDMI and HDMI Info turned on. Language should be English or your most preferred language. Keep USB connection on auto and USB LUN setting on Multi. Turn on Daylight savings and make the area setting based on your time zone.


Having your Sony A6000 on these settings should help you achieve your desired results. It is unwise to be silent when you do not have knowledge concerning a thing or the other; so if you have any questions with regards to these settings, please reach out to us or to a trusted technician to make sure you are making the best video with your Sony A6000.

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