DJI Mavic Mini Best Camera Settings (2021)

The Mavic Mini is an interesting electronic with amazing capabilities. However, you need to get familiar with the camera capabilities and settings as well as the DJI Fly App. This is the only way to get the best aerial videos and photos when using this device.

In this post, we will focus more on camera settings. This our aim. To present you with the best camera settings for DJI Mavic Mini so you can leverage its full potentials. Enough talk, let’s get to work.

dji mavic mini best camera settings

Best Camera Settings for DJI Mavic Mini

In this section, we will discuss the settings for shooting the best videos and photos using the Mavic Mini. The first thing is to locate the camera settings menu on the app. You’ll find it in the middle, towards the right.

There is a large white button at this location that is designed for taking photos. To shoot videos, you should look above this photo button. You’ll find a rectangle icon. This button also helps in taking QuickShots. This is an auto mode for shooting aerial videos.

So how do you work this? What are the best settings for shooting videos and photos?

After a lot of practice, here’s what we recommend:

  • When shooting, you are likely to be far away from the subject. As a result, you need to use your highest resolution for the best quality results. The logical setting to use is 2.7K, use this at 30 frames/second.
  • Choosing between Timed Shots and Single Shots is a matter of preference or the desired results.

Lying beneath the large white button is a Play button. Tapping this after shooting gives you a quick view of the videos and photos you store on your SD card.

Exposure Value (EV)

Exposure value in photography represents the combo of the f-number and shutter speed of the camera. Combinations that result in a similar exposure are described as having the same EV. Looking close at the camera setting menu, you’ll notice the EV control.

Tweak this to increase the brightness by raising the value. If you want to make things darker, simply drop the EV. It is possible to customize this feature based on the conditions of your surroundings.

Photo Settings

When you switch to the Photo mode, a camera icon appears at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Tapping this icon helps you switch between manual and auto. Let’s look at what each of these helps you achieve:

  1. Manual – Running in manual allows you to customize your camera shutter speed as well as you ISO. Doing this helps you achieve your desired videos or photos.
  2. Auto – This implies that your camera determines every single dimension based on the lights in the surrounding. You won’t need to be distracted by adjusting settings, you only need to shoot.


That’s all there is to the DJI Mavic Mini Best Camera Settings. Did we leave anything out or do you have any questions? Drop them in the comments section below.

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