Best Sony A6000 Resolution Settings (2021)

The Sony A6000 remains one of the best song cameras. It has an OLED Tru-Finder™, manual control, and interchangeable lenses. It captures images at 11fps in an Autofocus of 179p phase detection Autofocus sensor in a continuous shooting mode, making it one of the swiftest cameras ever. 

It is built in a very portable style, having a size half the size and weight of most cameras. This camera produces the clearest, sharpest, smoothest, and most detailed picture quality you can find, whether for still images or motion images. 

Best Sony A6000 Resolution Settings

Best Sony A6000 Resolution Settings 

The Sony A6000 has several settings to put it in the right state for usage, but for the sake of this content, we’ll only consider the resolution Settings. 

When we talk about resolution in cameras, we are talking about the amount of detail the camera can capture and produce in a photograph. The ability of a camera to produce highly detailed pictures lies in the amount of pixels it has. This also allows the pictures to be printed in large sizes without getting blurry or grainy.  

A picture with a higher resolution will produce more details than the one with a low resolution. Also, when you see a large image you can easily think it has a high resolution and vice versa. 

Pictures’ resolution can only be seen when printed. When viewing the image on a screen, you are likely to view it via the screen’s resolution, even when you zoom in on the details. If you want to know whether you have produced a finely detailed image or not, print out your photographs. 

Setting the resolution of your camera to the smallest will do one thing for you: it will help you save more pictures on your camera’s memory card. However, if you would need to print the images, especially in large sizes, set the resolution of your camera to the highest. 

When taking pictures majorly for emails and uploading to sites (pictures you would not be needing to print) you can easily take the pictures at 2 megapixels and have a great result unless you have a really big screen, then you don’t want your pictures looking tiny in it, then you can increase it to 4 megapixels. 

Taking pictures that you would need to print on a 6×4 inches material size, you should take your pictures at just a little over 2 megapixels. On an A4 paper which is 8×11 inches, take your pictures at 8 megapixels. 

Note: The Sony A6000 has up to 24.30 megapixels and can print images at 13.5×9 inches and more without having any loss of picture quality. Before taking any photograph with it, check the settings. Usually, it is left at medium which may be too large for a screen photograph and too small for printed photographs.

Also, you can take a picture on a higher resolution than the size you need to print and it won’t affect the details after you have printed it out. 

General Camera Resolution

The resolutions that exist in cameras include:

  • 256×256: This resolution exists in very cheap cameras and is so low that it is always unacceptable.
  • 640×480: This is the smallest resolution you would find on any normal camera. It works great for email and website pictures. 
  • 1216×912: This resolution can produce a good small size printed image
  • 1600×1200: With this resolution, you can take and print a picture of 4.5 inches, just about the same quality as you would get from a photo lab. 
  • 2240×1680: Usually found on cameras with 4 megapixels. 
  • 4064×2704: This is about the biggest resolution you would find on a digital camera. This is the resolution for the Sony A6000 camera. 

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