Sony A5000 Camera Settings for Best Quality Picture

Getting a beautifully good camera with the best still and motion pictures quality is one thing you can always trust Sony cameras with. The Sony cameras are a dependable choice when you need good quality photos and videos in a sleek camera design. 

Sony A5000

The Sony A5000 is one of those too quality Sony cameras, its best feature is the fact that it can be used underwater. The mirrorless camera is an updated and upgraded version of the Sony NEX camera. It is very compact and lightweight, making it portable and good for carrying around. 

It has features like exceptional image quality from its large APS-C image sensor, an interchangeable lens capability, a Near Field Communication which allows it to share single touch images with compatible mobile devices or via WiFi to Android and iOS devices. This camera has capabilities that have been refined to enable you to carry it around and not miss any moment, even underwater. 

Sony A5000 Camera Settings

Sony A5000 Camera Settings for Best Quality Picture

How can you achieve smart photographs with your A5000? The Sony camera settings usually vary, even when not so farfetched. It is expedient that you know what setting is best for any Sony camera you are using that would give you the best picture quality. 

For the Sony A5000, we have made this compilation to make sure you fully maximize your camera for the best results. 

Camera Mode

There are various camera mode settings for this camera: the aperture priority, the shutter, the memory recall, etc. The Aperture priority mode will let you take your pictures on the most important camera setting, letting you do the remaining exposure calculation by itself.

The Memory Recall Mode is made for advanced photographers but is something you can explore if you are shooting in different scenarios. However, the Aperture priority mode makes for a good default. 

Flash Mode

When shooting with an external light or in an open space, you do not need that pop-up flash as it sometimes poses a form of distraction. For best results, leave your Flash mode at auto. 

Focus Area

The Flexible spot setting allows you to focus selectively, so you can choose which image you want to have a central focus in your photographs. 


The three ISO settings are Auto, minimum, and maximum. You can use either of them but when using the minimum and maximum settings you should make sure to set the minimum at 100 and 3200 for maximum. If you increase the maximum level you may have to deal with noise. 

Metering Mode

Use Multi for best results. You can also switch to the Spot Metering setting if you have a situation that calls for it. 

Drive Mode

If you are handling your camera while shooting, set your drive mode to single shooting. When you are using a tripod stand to shoot, set your Drive Mode to self-timer to avoid vibrations from your camera. 

Creative Style

You would not need to set up Creative Style if you are shooting in RAW. To get the best results, leave it at standard.

White Balance

Leave your camera’s White Balance on Auto White Balance (AWB).

Focus Mode

Set for AF-A. This setting is an excellent combination of both the AF-C and AF-S modes. 

Exposure Compensation

Leave this setting at 0.0. If you need to change any setting in the Exposure Compensation, you can easily access it through the rear bottom dial on your camera. 

At this point, your A5000 mirrorless portable camera is ready for use. You can easily get this camera into your pocket or mini purse when attending an event, meeting with friends, or just taking a vacation. With it, you can save memories of you and your loved ones for future reference. 

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