PPSSPP Best Settings (2021)

Are you experiencing a slow and poor gaming experience on your PPSSPP games? I’m here to help you with that, I understand how frustrating it is to experience a slow and poor gaming experience. 

I will share with you the best setting for PPSSPP. These settings will give you a premium gaming experience no matter the device you are using. 

PPSSPP Best Settings

If you do not know, PPSSPP is a free PSP (Playstation Portable) emulator for PC, android, and iOS. It was first introduced into the gaming market in 2012 and since then it has been a perfect alternative to PSP especially for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games on their handheld devices. 

Without further ado, here are the best PPSSPP settings for your ultimate gaming pleasure.  

Best PPSSPP settings

There are two most important things you need to focus on if you want the best performance and these are ‘graphics’ and ‘system’. I will talk about the other minor settings later in the post. 

You have to be careful when making changes to either of these two because any change will affect the performance of your game. 

So, let’s begin with graphics. Of course, you need to open your PPSSPP app and navigate to settings where you will find the graphics option. 

  • Graphics 

In the graphics section, you would find other options like rendering mode and under the rendering mode, there is another subsection where we would focus on. 

If you are using an updated version, then you would see the backend mode option and stimulate block transfer effects. 

Change the backend mode option from Open GL to Vulkan. Vulkan has been proven to enhance the faster performance of your game plus it supports low-end devices as well. 

Leave every other thing as it is.

Next is the new framework control. Here’s what to change in this section, 

Turn off ‘frameskipping’ and check ‘prevent FPS from skipping 60’. Also, set the alternative speed to unlimited to enhance speed. 

The next thing is the rendering resolution option, it is important to set this to 2X. If you are getting poor graphics with 2X, it means your device is low-end. In that case, you need to set it to 1x. 

You should also turn on hardware transform, mipmapping, vertex cache, software skinning, lazy texture caching.

Turn off Retain changed texture and finally disable slower effects and hardware tessellation. 

That’s all you need to do under graphics, let’s move to the system section. 

  • System

It is the most important area and you should pay close attention to the settings here because any setting you make here will affect the speed and other performance of your game. 

The first thing to do is check the fast memory box. This is important especially if you are using a low-end device. 

Also, check the I/O on thread box. Set I/O timing method to simulate UMD delays. 

Lastly, make sure real clock sync is disabled. 

Although the graphics and system section is the major settings to focus on, there are also minor settings that will give you an optimum gaming experience. 

Other settings for the best PPSSPP experience 

  • Audio settings

Make sure sound is enabled and volume is increased. Go to the audio hack subsection and disable the sound speed hack. 

  • Hack Settings

You would find the hack setting under graphics. There is the timer hack, disable alpha test, disable stencil test, force depth write, and lower resolution for effects. 

Enable the timer hack and check the disable alpha test box. Every other thing is to be left as it is. The lower resolution for effects is set to aggressive. 

That’s all the settings you need to get the best experience on your PPSSPP.