Sony 48W600B Best Picture Settings (2021)

Sony 48W600B – Moved by the desire to satisfy your quality TV needs, Sony has produced a lot of TVs with quality pictures and videos that would make TV time and enjoyable time for you. Being around for many years now and never disappointing in their products is a very good boost to their accreditation. 

The Sony 48W600B is one of those TVs that has added a flair to Sony TVs lists. The 4k TV with Full HD 1920×1080 pictures gives you a clear and smooth picture view while you enjoy your favorite show or movie on your TV. Its audio is also very clear, matching the clear picture quality. With the Sony 48W600B, you need not worry about your pictures getting blurred in motion. 

Sony 48W600B Best Picture Settings

Sony 48W600B Best Picture Settings

You must be versed in the best picture settings for the Sony 48W600B unless you want to stand the chance of not fully maximizing your TV for the best results. What is the point of getting a TV as good as Sony’s if you do not want the best? 

Or maybe you are asking: “what is the best picture setting for my Sony 48W600B? Our team has come up with an appropriate answer to ease your stress.

Picture Mode

The picture mode available for this TV includes: Vivid, Game-Standard, Game-Original, Graphics,  Sports,  Animation,  Standard, Custom,  Photo-Vivid, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, Photo-Custom,  Cinema1, Cinema2.

Don’t bother yourself with all these modes; just set your TV mode to custom and leave it at that. You can switch to Games or Sport if you are using your TV as a game station screen. 

Light And Brightness

Set your Brightness to Contrast-90 and leave your Gamma at 0. If you are not satisfied with leaving it 0, increase it a bit (nothing more than a bit). If you do not want your TV’s luminance changing with the light level of what your TV is displaying, turn off the light sensor. Leave the black level at 50, turn off black adjust and adv. 

If your TV is used for only home viewing, you may want to turn on Auto locally dimming and X-tended dynamic range. The light and brightness setting is made in 3 levels of intensity- Low, Medium, and High.


On your motion setting, turn off both the CineMotion and Motionflow. You can only set the Motionflow to custom and increase smoothness if you want to achieve motion interpolation or the soap opera effect. If you’re watching a cable or a movie app you can set your Motionflow to true cinema and the CineMotion to high if the ‘off’ is not giving you the best results. 


A luminosity of 100cd/m² is very necessary if you’re watching in a dark room. To achieve this, set the brightness to 1 and that will give you the best darkroom view. For average rooms, set your TV luminance to 9 and set it on max when watching in a bright room. 


Set your HDR, color space, HDMI video range at auto. 


For the best color projections, set color temperature to Expert 1. This works superbly with the 6500k warm temperature. You can adjust it to something colder if Expert 1 is not giving you that pop-up color result. Leave value color at default and hue at 0. Set White balance at 10 and adv color temperature to 2. Turn off live color. If you turn it on you may have an oversaturated color and a less accurate picture quality.


This is nearly the most important setting on your TV because beyond everything else, you want to have the clearest picture quality. To achieve this, Turn off the Reality creation and only turn it on if you are watching content with low resolution. Turning it on would help increase the picture quality. Leave the sharpness at 50 which is the default setting. 

Your Sony 48W600B should be standing ready to use after you have put these settings in place. For further questions or concerns, you may want to see a Sony expert or a TV technician. 

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